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Allow me to introduce myself: My name's Abbi, and I hail from the mountains of Southwest VA. I was born in Radford, grew up in Dublin, moved to Blacksburg, next to Christiansburg and have now landed in Pulaski, where I'll remain until the desire to fly again strikes.

I began designing jewelry around three years ago after a bad breakup left me in need of something to take my mind off things. As it turns out, the creative outlet was just what I needed.

I've taught jewelry classes previously and work as many shows as I remember to sign up for each year. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so things snowball on me from time to time...

The main focus of my pieces is wirework, chainmaille and the showcasing of gemstones. I use a "rosary" technique to make my chains, which ensures they'll be strong and long lasting.

I've experimented will all types of maille weaves, including Japanese, European and Persian, as well as a few hybrids.

I enjoy new types of work and am looking forward to experimenting with more maille, rings, PMC and metal work in 2007, as well as expanding to include men's, vintage and retro lines in my shop and at shows.

Where to Find Me Online

Lunachick Designs Etsy Shop
Lunachick Designs on Myspace
My Deviant Art Gallery

During the year, you can look for me at:

Festival in the Park in Roanoke, VA

Steppin' Out in Blacksburg, VA

The Highlander Festival in Radford, VA

This is mostly a directory, showcasing a few examples of my work so you can get the general idea of what I do. Want more details? Check out the links above!

Byzantine Weave Maille Earrings in Sterling Silver with Lavender Amethyst Nuggets and Peacock Pearl Coins.

Agate Slab Pendant, Wire-wrapped 14k Gold Filled Wire, Carnelians

Hand Cut Steel Rings, Japanese Weave

Dumortierite Pendant and Nuggets, Sea Opal Glass, Sterling Silver Wirework

Hand Cut Steel Rings, Hematite

Tiger Iron Axe Pendant, Black Onys, Czech Glass, Sterling Silver Wirework

Sterling Clover Wirework, Chrysoprase, Malachite, Pearls

Feel free to e-mail any questions, comments or ordering inquiries you may have.

Please visit The Lunachick Designs Etsy Shop to see all currently available pieces.

Love + Peace! ^-^