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Thanks for visiting my site. I have been collecting Ty beanie babies for about six or seven years. I have a few thousand beanies, some of which i wish to sell. If you are interested in any of the ones listed, please e-mail me at: and i will get back to you as soon as possible. The list below is a small fragment, i haven't been able to get a full list yet, but it's coming soon.... Millennium (2)~~ Stretch~~ Mac~~ Luke~~ Lefty 2000~~ Righty 2000 (2)~~ Puffer~~ Jabber~~ 1999 Signature Bear~~ Snip~~ Sheets~~ Spangle (Pink Face)~~ Chip~~ Curly~~ Scorch~~ Osito~~ Schweetheart~~ Pumkin~~ Pinky~~ Rocket~~ Kuku~~ USA~~ Iggy (reversed tag)~~ Rainbow (reversed tag)~~ Seaweed~~ Tiny~~ Derby~~ Kicks~~ Fortune~~ Valentina~~ Sammy ...and more to come!!