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days 'til end of Skool!



Ash is the Devil


My View on Life

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    Ok this is the Links page, basicallly any thing I deem worthy for other people to see, will be shown here. If you have a link you think I should put on here, send me a 'mail and ill see what happens.
    • FlyBar
      What an amazing invetion! From the people who first invented the pogo stick, comes something a lot bigger. And by bigger i mean like height bigger. This things uses rubber bands to hold energy and release it so you go flying in the air! The record jump is 8 FEET! I so want one of these for Christmas! only 299$

    • LavaSoft
      They make Ad-Aware and you should get it if you dont already have it, it keeps your computer safe from badness of ads and other spywear stuff.

    • SpyBot
      The second part of the symbiotic realation ship between Ad-Aware and SpyBot, keeps your computer free of any spy stuff that Ad-Aware didnt pick up.

    • Adult Swim
      ALL KIDS OUT OF THE POOL! Adult Swim, and awesome cartoon line up on Cartoon Network, has its own site, and its awesome. Play some games, get reviews, see whats on. I (heart) Adult Swim.

      GAHHHH! carple tunnles are killing me!

    • Potter Puppet Pals
      Its awesomely hilarious.

    • Live 105
      Home page of a great rock station.

    • IMingness
      Find out what all your friends mean in IM talk

    • ASDF
      What is it realy?

    • Duct Tape Festible
      I so want to go to this.

    • AIM Fun 1
      Make me your Friend today!

    • AIM Fun 2
      Talk to me today!

    • You know what?
      Thats right.

    • Give in to the Penta-Power
      Give in to the evilness of ASH KETCHUM! Hes the freaking devil! I'll make a rant on this later, but in the mean time, just check it out. P.S. I made most of the devil stuff up while attending a catholic private school. yeah.

      There is plenty more to come.....