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Thank You For Stopping By

Hey Everyone~ i will not be able to update this site for awhile... i'm sry... i need to wait to get a new boot disk for my laptop... i have a couple more pics that i can put up after i get that disk... so until then i wont be able to do much at all... as of right now... i am trying as hard as i can to replace the background music... so there is alot of work that needs to be done... but no way i can do it without my laptop... oh well...

~`General Info`~
Name: Michael
Alias: Monkey
Age: 20
Birthday: 11/6/84
Location: Reno a.k.a Notown
Status: Married
Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
Aim: bbblumonkey116
Yahoo: bbblumonkey116

Hey everybody... if you are here reading this... that means you are either family, family friends, or just someone just wants to see what this page is about... anyways due to the lack of being able to build a fairly large photo album on i have decided to build this page so i can have that larger photo album i that i wanted... lol... greedy huh? oh well.. it happens... this page will be under construction for a real long time... due to the fact that i am building this page from the ground up... and knowing myself i will take forever to build it becasue i have to relearn html and i'm lazy at times... i mean i could just cut and paste everything but where is the fun in that? i rather learn the html and say hey i did most of that myself... (i say most cuase you know there is goin to be cut and pasting...) but if you'd like to give me a hand in building this site that would be great... if not thats okay too...

the original idea that i had on building this site was just so that i can link my myspace page to this page just for pictures... but i have change that idea now... now i am building this site for my family and friends to keep in touch we me... also get information, invites, and see pictures of my family grow together... so i am thinking of breaking my site into different levels... but i am not to sure if i could do all that myself... but i sure will try... well i hope you enjoy my page... eventhough this page is no where near complete... ~`sIgh`~

so what do you think so far? not to bad right... still needs work, i know... i'm trying my best... that's right i am trying to use all the brain power i have... and if you know me... well i don't have that much of a brain left... LOL... oh well... but thank you for stopping by and seeing what this is all about and to you to for the background music that you are hearing right now...