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Friday, 23 September 2005


Here is prophecy I personally thought some way to happen:

Book 005, Number 2208:
Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (way peace be upon him) as saying: The Last Hour will not come before wealth becomes abundant and overflowing, so much so that a man takes Zakat out of his property and cannot find anyone to accept it from him and till the land of Arabia becomes meadows and rivers.
SAHIH MUSLIM, BOOK 25: The Book on General Behaviour (Kitab Al-Adab)

1.DESERTS GREEN? (Allah knows best)

If mankind is on earth during next ice age (signs from it already there, like Golf-stream slowing down 20% in last five years period, some scientist predict that Britain might have climate of Alaska in next 20 years), deserts of Arabs (Sahara+Middle-East) is going to be green, as they were during last ice age when black Africans inhabited even nowadays deserts of Libya. This has been mentioned in prophecy and hadith of prophet Mohammed (puh), as he said that "deserts of Arabs will once again be filled with rivers and gardens". Noticeably here is for example satellite pictures taken from Saudi-Arabian desert, In these pictures anyone can clearly see old river streams going under desert, and from there founded remains of gardens and agricultural activity. So Mohammed knew without proofs that during last ice age area was green, And so it will be during next ice age after change in climate and rainfalls. But this prophecy does not exclude possibility that humans themselves could make them green, as their actions would anyway be originated from Allah, and it could happen this way:

In Sahara there is these huge "pools", higher ground surrounded lower areas which are these huge "pools" on desert, that some has even big areas under sea-level in bottom of these "pools". These pools mostly are located very near coast-line, and with pumps and pipes of few hundred kilometers these "pools" could be filled with sea-water, until vaporizing (increasing while wideness of "pools" would expand) would match water flowing in, when surface of "pools" would stop rising and around them would be coming huge oasis?s (as sand filters salt from sea-water, when few meters from coast of these "pools" would be easy to get fresh water with dwells and pumps), and these oasis?s could reach kilometers inland as water travels far away in sand. For agricultural activities and inhabitation there would be huge areas to be used, these "pools" would be biggest lakes in the world.

But real meaning of these pools would be elsewhere, because vaporizing from those would be huge in world?s warmest areas with most heat radiation from sun (without clouds). Water-steam would for clouds filled with water, that would be going with major winds to south and east (for example as turned by coriolis-force) into mountains middle of Sahara and mountains west in Arabian peninsula, forming rains at least finally there. It would form rivers and lakes into area, from which there is obvious signs around mountains in middle of Sahara from past times (from last ice age, when Sahara was inhabited by black Africans).

Reason why these "pools" would change situation so radically is that air-masses rise to upper layers of atmosphere from equator, until arriving to north and coming down at 30'-line east-west (at coast of Libya/Egypt), and go from there as winds we notice to south and north, leaving winds going south without moisture from Mediterranean Sea, as winds going to north (Europe) will have all of it. So only way to get moisture to Sahara is to move water-masses from Mediterranean Sea to these "pools" under this 30'-line to vaporize (Mediterranean Sea will have water more through Gibraltar straits from Atlantic).

Only bad side this could have would be destruction of unhabited waste-land desert, when besides worthless deserts there would be lots of land suitable for agricultural and living use, providing living for millions of unemployment workers and people without land (believe me, deserts will be green as long as they get enough water, seeds for plants have come there by wind, in nature-document water was poured in top of dune and green plant rose from it, dying without water until it got more water and got back to life). Here would be huge opportunities for profits, buy worthless desert and change it for agricultural use, even possibly oil could be trilled from bottom of these pools and transported to coast by ships (cheaper than by trucks) or by underwater-pipes (no danger of sabotage). Also water pumping from under Libyan desert would get more fresh water below desert sand from these pools. These ideas can be expanded by even redirecting rivers just before it will end into oceans, so that fresh water of it will not be ?wasted? but used to water deserts. Examples from this kind of possibility is end of Euphrates and Tigris, that could go through Kuwait and eastern Saudi-Arabia by channel to south on low lands. Another example could be rivers of Siberia turned to water Central-Asia instead of flowing to north, as global warming is reducing risk that Ice-Sea could be frozen without these rivers flowing into it.

2.ISLAMIC MANIFEST? (Allah knows best)

How would sound like successful society without need and poverty with prospering corporations and business, where one could get rich also by normal work? This is what prophecy of Mohammed told us above. I thought about ideal society, and realized where it could be done first: In Saudi-Arabia. Basics is oil, (In Saudi-Arabia about 80% of worlds oil reserves), so that system can be made running. Saudi-Arabia was able to offer each of its citizens "citizen?s salary" even at 1990's, that was back then around 330 euro per citizen. Now oil prices have gone five or six times higher from that, so why not pursue for more?

What if government would pay for corporations and business-makers all products and services bought by citizens (in certain limits of reason perhaps in the beginning, maybe favoring domestic companies)? So every citizen would get basic living standards (basic commodities like food, clothes, medicine, education health care, etc..) completely free of charge, and car and apartment with certain limits from which more expensive part they should pay with money coming from their own work/business/investments/savings (for example apartments 1/citizen, car each 10 years, and if you want to buy more or more expensive going beyond limits agreed, then you need to make your own money for it or sell old ones in exchange).


This kind of explosive increase in spending (when nobody would need to think in shops what they can afford, just what they want and need) would get companies, employment and economics to prosper, and so on as people would not need to use even their smallest incomes into basic living, they would have change to invest by them selves (into foreign countries/domestically) or to found (even small bazaar) business that they could larger with even more investments and risks, as there would not be risk from total collapse of living standards even in case of bankruptcy (that would be unlikely due to higher domestic spending). There would neither be any "traps" preventing from taking jobs with lower salary, as all one could earn would be only plus (when staying only on social security could achieve only certain level of living without hope for better, but almost all people are so greed that they always want more). This way working would come REAL way to wealth and even for getting rich if salary is invested right. Founding business would be easy as government would pay expenses in the beginning.

Of course this system could be risked by some efforts to take use of this system, like that (foreign) companies would try to sell too expensively with rip-off prices increasing inflation (to regulate prices government could found own government businesses into all areas of economics, with 50% of shares distributed evenly to all citizens, and took government payment-guarantee from companies trying to exploit system, then ordinary people should favor state-companies getting some money back instead of government losing it, and they too through government/government-companies shares loosing, and favor other their favorite companies so that those selling with too high prices would be forced to lower their prices and not to lose governments payment-guarantee, when customers would have to pay from their favorite commodities/services from their own money, salary), until this system would expand even further to other countries (first to other oil-countries like Iraq and Libya). From these countries wealth and investments would spread by through totally welcomed workers from other countries (with their families), who would be given from (at least for quite regular) working same benefits, when they again could invest their money further (into own countries for example), increasing wealth there too.

Soon situation could be that state and people would have got so rich even only from their investments in shares and owning in foreign companies/lands, that state would make so much profit they would not have to stop system even when oil runs out, and so positive circle of investments and increased spending would go on. This system would work in political multiparty-system, where people would monitor state actions in putting recommended reasonable prices and policies in running people-owned business (if state would try to make prices too low, income from shares for people would suffer, and their other own/favorite privately owned businesses might end).

As a sign from "Judgment Day" is given also (in hadiths) that sun goes from west to east (and said that after that "no repentance will be accepted", from those who die in chosen state of non-Muslim or after abandoning Islam [twice], except "people without knowledge" who will not be punished from their sins according to Islam, mentioned for example in 16:25, 9:6 and also indirectly in 2.120 "...Wert thou to follow their desires after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither Protector nor helper against Allah."), and that is exactly what it does in the north summer time as "midnight sun", when it does not even set on all days but can be seen over north pole on opposite side of earth whole night, going from west to east. Muslims have reached this north only recently (I, as local-born Finnish male accepting Islam from Rovaniemi, first known case in mosque, in 2003), and we have to remember that Koran and hadiths have been written and given for Muslims, so this is a new "sign" for Muslims (sign is sign only after somebody who it has been meant will see and understands it). Maybe new period of more demanding in people living north has began, as knowledge has reached also us. If it is a sign, it can also mean time when there is Muslim-dominant nation in the north (of midnight sun), perhaps in Siberia after oil runs out/comes obsolete and Russia has no use for this area, if they care to make a deal.

And when Koran says that on "Judgment Day" (different than "Judgment"? Same as "Hour"? Does Judgment come at some point of that "Day"? Length of that "Day"? Is Earth destroyed before universe on that "Day"?) Islam will be "only religion accepted", does it mean on the judgment or after some time limit (after beginning of "Judgment Day"-period, that could be period of prophet Jesus coming back and more challenging future for humans after his death, when Koran has been made easy to understand and accept after progress in science and information)? It means anyway (according to 3:85) that to be punished you have to "desire/seek other religion than Islam", meaning that you had opportunity to receive Islam (and compare its message for example founding?s on modern science, and found it proven as truth) but you did not, as Allah says in Koran that He will punish only those who have been given Islam but then refused it. Allah does not punish without warning, and that is why Allah says in Koran (Sura number 2) that "good People of the Book" (f.ex. Jews and Christians) will be saved (+in Islam also "people without knowledge"), because before 20th century opportunities even to read Koran translated into own language (if even knew how to read) were few. But now might be time when Jews and Christians should at least accept Islam, now when in 20th century lived more people than on all earlier centuries put together (in 21st century even quicker), Allah still would have spoken true if He meant by punishing non-believers (democratically) majority of them.

In Islam is prophecy that "light of Islam" will penetrate every land (/country) before Judgment. In Asia Islam has entered every country, even (communist North-) Korea has had numerous Korean Muslims as refugees in (northern) China for centuries. It has now done it also outside Asia and Africa (where refugees spread Islam), and through internet. Latin Americans have had prosperous Islamic history of Andalusia for hundreds of years in Spain, and Portugal, and after expulsion of Muslims (at same time when America were founded) there were small part of Muslims from slaves brought to America, and after that Iberians had to choose religion of the slaves to find Truth (in Cuba Muslims are even now prisoners in Guantamo-base of USA, that has been part of Cuba). In Latin America there is also possibility that Muslims found it first, as there has been found old Arabic writing (for example "Allah") from Brasilia, and signs in what Christians did to Indians in whole continent. Big sign for them is also that Catholism with its praying for saints is also closer to Hinduism than monotheism, Hindus just did not conquer another continents.


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