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Himeko's InuYasha Webpage

Inuyasha Forest

Inuyasha Links

Here's a cool Inuyasha website! It's got tons of info, music, wallpapers, and much more!
Anybody who doesn't like this site is totally wacko! This site is definitely the coolest!
My Personal Site!

If you ask me, Inuyasha is definitely my favourite show. I have no idea why lots of people only like the show "Inuyasha" just because they like this ears! What's inside the show really counts! ^_~, a Great Place to work!



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Believe in yourself and nobody can beat ya...

InuYasha is cool! My Suggestions!

If you like Inuyasha, here are some shows I suggest you watch ~Sailormoon ~Sakura ~Yu-Gi-Oh ~Beyblade ~Dragonball Z (and other series)

If you have anything to ask me, please email me! DON'T be shy to ask!

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What I think about bullying...

You know, a lot of people think it's right to bully! They think it might help the victim to have more guts and to fight back! Bullying is for people who don't have a head! You may not think you're doing it, but you may be even doing it to the geekiest kid in your class or something. If you're a bully, think before you do anything to harm a person! Nobody wants to be your friend if you keep bullying everyone!

A note to victims...

Don't worry! Stand up for yourself! If anybody does harm you, you should immediately go to a teacher or guardian. You can't be always bullied by some kid who doesn't even have a head!