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Harvest Moon BTN
The Girls
One of the most cheerful girls in the game,Ann is also a Tomboy!She likes mostly anything but weeds.She lives at the Inn.She is a GREAT cook!And is a little shy at first.
Her birthday is Summer 17.
She will mary Cliff!
She is a BIT mean but still nice.She loves wine.She works at the grocrey store.Her birthday is Fall 15.She will marry Rick!
She likes birds.She lives at the Poultry Farm.Her birthday is Summer 3.She is one of the HARDEST girls to get but she so CUTE and PRETTY!
She this is PRETTY obvious she will mary Kai!
- She is a motherly person.She has a little brother named Stu.She is VERY caring!She will do ENYTHING to inprove your heath!She personly likes the doctor.Her birthday is Spring 16
.She works at the clinic!She will marry The Doctor!
Not much to say about her.She is a Bookworm!She works at the library!She is outgoing!If you donÕt want to woo her,WELL,SHE NEVER COMES IN THE GAME!SheÕs not at festivals!I do not know her birthday!
She will mary Gary!