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Welcome to Hilary Angels

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Sub Council

I. sailorvenuslover
II. Neomail for Postion!
III. Neomail for Postion!
IV. Neomail for Postion!
V. Neomail for Postion!


Welcome to Hilary Angels, please be active at all times in the guild, you have to know html to be in the council list well if you do know how, if you donate I might still want to pick you.

Guild goals
20 members
100 messages linkinparkgirl @ 6:18:19 pm NST Hey hows every1 doing??

Rosi3 @ 4:00 PM Hey people =P I hopes you post ALOT at the guild.


Newbie Packs
Advertise us

Copy the Html from the box above and paste it in the welcome message box whil ur editing ur guild layout.

Suggested Colors:Black, White, White, Violet, black, Light Gray

Suggested Logo:

**NOTE** the layout will look slightly differnt when put into guild form