Pony and Begbie's page

SORRY about the website. hey it's my first day, first time. I'm currently working on a nav bar. I just learnt what the hell HTML is so be patient!!

Bad News Involving That I am Poor

Pony and Begbie are two little sister guinea pigs. They is cute. I will include more pictures here when I get a new digital camera. Also I will make some informations about their owner, what is me. It is hard to talk about the little piggies without pictures so unfortunately this website will be self-oriented for awhile if not forever. :(

Pony News

Pony is on a rating website go to the website, find pony and give the little sweetie a ten.

coming soon

Begbie pictures!! and more Pony ones :)

(06/12/05) HA!! I found one of my first sites. Avoiding studying for finals mainly. I made this because I was jealous of my friend. Fucking embarassing. I have a new one now. It's hosted at the friend's I was jealous at's site. Harhar.. so embarassing, but god, I was getting a 92 in French?? Damn. I got a B in French 11 so I'm impressed but my Math mark was only 90 and now it's 96. Oh yeah, leave it to julia to mention that. New site. Technically it's an improvement. Email me at RoosterCogburn_md@hotmail.com because I'm lonely.

I'm boring.

Email: thegooseshavegroovycolors@fuckhotmail.com