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My Poetry

Ripples | Stardust

I write in verses
prophecies and curses...

Why I write: I write poetry to vent. I don't write just to write unless itís for a story and I have a writerís cramp. If I get a good idea, I go on it. I write it down. I spill out all my aesthetic juices and then construct it. If you don't do it that way you will end up loosing some equipment that may come from the heart and sound the most excellent... My suggestion to everyone is just write... then edit.

What I write: I write a variety of things, imagery being my favorite. I am fond of writing love songs although they definitely aren't one of my virtuous points. Otherwise, I create a lot of stories, too. I need to set forth on working more with my stories, but I never have time to.

Here are some comments on my writing

Ripples is really good! Just how you make things link together! I have always wanted my wedding day to rain. Your story is extremly strong and emotionaly graphic, that was really good! and Silver Skies can apply to other people in so many ways. You are truely talented-- even I'm a freaked out! Your so talented.

Dathon - "reinvented18 "

Wow. I really like that. You're an incredibly talented writer, you know that?


wow... i really love it. you're an amazing writer. you should tell me when it's published coz i would love to buy one...


I was checking out your work, and I especially love your piece entitled "A Killer's Memorandum". I am very partial to stories bent on "just deserts" and vengence. Your writing style is unique and quite advanced for your age. I believe that you could have some serious potential in the writers market if you continue to hone your skills. I also enjoyed your other piece, "Lost Without A Home". It's not my genre of writing, but I cannot deny your talent for adding spice to your characters, especially by giving them a unique and interesting background. In depth characters - they're the arrow to my heart.

Nathan "LostSeraphin"

(for Toy Hammer)

This whole peice is simply incredible! A very powerful message, and a lot of stark truths to be sure! The images you create with this arepoignant and clear. Really make one think...I mean really think about who and what they are - inside where it counts! Not the facade we present to the outside world. Well done, Mech! Kudos to you for this. Exceptional write, indeed!

"Mad Moon"

(for spotlight) this made me cry...not a little tear but cried literally meaning I was bawling like crazy. Its just so sad...its full of emotion and it just tugs at your heart strings...very good job

Aric Bishop "forsakengod"