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Dedication to my Husband

~My Love, My Soul Mate on Our Wedding Anniversary ~ ~February 1, 1975~~

Deep within a Friendship, lies a Love that shines...from your voice, your touch , even a quick glance at me, always sent shivers throughout my body,

The Glow you have shined upon me, made me feel very special... The sparkle in your eyes as we stand at the Alter, The Cherished moments when we exchange our vows, "blinking back the tears of Happiness"" when we said "I Do"! That day we promised to stand beside each other" Forever and Always where we become One for Eternity!!

Two gifts we were blessed with ,from the love we shared, "Our Children" ~Ronette and Kevin~, Neither came with instructions, dependant upon us to nourish in their childhood, whether they made right or wrong choices, we gave them unconditional love, prayed they learn from their mistakes.

Sometimes doing this brought hardship between us, but as I sit here and write this to you ~Sweetheart~, "thinking"...There be times we would embrace each other, cry, feeling the strength within being tested, we prayed so many times to get us through another day...






and most of all


~These are Treasures of a Relationship..


~My True Hero~

~My Knight That Shined Upon Me Over These 43 Years~

~ So Deep In The Heart Of My Soul~

~Is Where Your Heart Has Soared~

~Two Hands Of Friendship~

~Two Hearts Of Knowledge~

~ Our Souls Have Combined As One~





~Ron's reply..~ ~On 2-1-1975~ I said "I do" to ~My Best Friend~ ~Bride~ ~Lover~ ~Mother to My Children~ ~A Person that listens~ ~And Someone I love alot~~~~Sorry Have Tears Now~

~43 Best Years~~Love Your Husband~




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