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Fallen Angels is a tribute to all the sexy hot yummy men of Anime and Manga made by me (Call me Loki!!!) Behold the hotness! Bu ha ha ha...
Please click on which page you would like to look at... I'm always adding more and appreciate reccomendations. Please send them to me via e-mail or in guestbook and i will check them out. If i think they are worthy of my site i will add them! My e-amil address is

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::Anime-Related Hotness, Please check this out!!!::


::Anime Quizzes and Other Interesting Tidbits

Hot Mangas to Look for:

Les Bijoux-I have to update some pix from these hotties but the art is gorgeous, especially on the men!

Deathnote- Featuring Light, L and who else do you need besides them? Honestly they are totally hot! L is creepy cool...

Juvenile Orion- Featuring Lafael, Tsukasa and oh so many more on my site. If you haven't checked these angels out you are missing out!

Links to some of the biggest anime gallery sites plus some hot bishounen!

Check out the shounen-ai gallery!


You'll need to make an account on here before you are able to see the gallery but it's definitely worth it and I've been a member at it for almost a year and still no spam :)
~Bishounen Picture of the Month (Jan-June)~

To make up for the last six months I've brought in three couple shots. The first of Athrun and Kira from Gundam Seed, the second of Tsuzuki and Hisoka from Descendants of Darkness and lastly Tsugiri and Ryohko from Alichino

Newest Features

-July 23rd- Wow I can't believe I totally forgot my site! I haven't been watching or reading a whole lot of anime and manga lately because I've been writing books like crazy. At the moment I couldn't possibly add another hottie on the site because I may have them all... just kidding. I need to get back out on the anime boardwalk and scout some more! I will finally relieve Kamui of Pic of Month duty. Poor Kamui. He must be so bored. But I suppose that means I need to post a whole lotta months worth to make up for missing updating! I will get right on it and have those up tonight!
-September 29th- Finally finished sorting some shit out on the site, i replaced almost every image with something hotter and added about twenty new images some to shounen ai and some to the new page, im still working on some other things but if i keep this down any longer for construction people might get mad so yeah, its coming its comingggg, just did a shit load more quizzes ahhhh so tedious...
-October 10th-New bishie of month Also added GACKT to the Shoutouts! Ladies go check him out!!! BABE!!!
-November 6th-Finally getting around to updating pix of month, sorrryyyy. i also have a lot of advent children to put up... but im too lazy right now

Currently Requesting:

Key from Excel Saga (blonde rocker dude)
((Currently requesting means does anyone have a picture of him!???))

Hot Animes to Look for:

Gundam Seed Destiny-Featuring Athrun, Yzak, Shinn, Rey other bishies on my site-