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Well I mostly roleplay wolves but I occasionally do the odd horse or fantasy roleplay. For some reason I enjoy it a lot (get scared!). It gives me inspiration to write stories, not to mention widening my vocabulary! I'm working on a "short" story at the moment for english but once I've done the "short" version, I think I'll expand on it a bit.

Well below I'm going to have the character descriptions that I use on all the roleplays I go on. I can link the site to Neopets or something then.

Wolf Roleplay


Name: Moondancer
Age: 4 years
Mate: None
Siblings: None
Children: Adopted a whelp called Aderes
Personality: Kind hearted and soft. Adores whelps and became a Youth Watcher alongside her only friend, Shoali. She did have a friend named Rogue, who shortly before being killed, asked her to formally adopt a whelp called Aderes. So she did (has never seen him since).
Appearance: Pure white hue and amber orbs.


Age:2 years
Siblings:Beraziran, Vivienne
Parents:Athena and Unknown
Personality:Friendly and fun, he has three best friends, Vex,Deadly Nightshade and Thak. He has the rank of Scout, meaning that he has to search the borders of the packlands and go into other wolves territory. This means that he may be gone from the pack for long periods of time.



Elf of high stature. Tends to wear a blue cloak, and depending on the rp depends on what she wears beneath that. Weapons are a bow and arrow, and a dagger hanging from her belt (if she wears a belt). She will always carry her tiara to remind her of her family and home. Her father is strict and makes her go to balls everywhere. She dislikes going in a carriage but does not mind the ball itself. Has a black stallion named Nightdance.