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I'm going to have links on this site to where I've got pictures such as wolf ones, or where I've got the pictures to draw. Also, roleplaying links, other sites to keep people amused etc.

This is an advanced wolf roleplay. Believe me it's great. Once your hooked...well!

This is for any roleplay. Whether it's wolf, horse,vampire,school.You name it you could probably do it.Its messageboard based and you have to join as a member.Members are needed quite badly actually.We've got about ten.Then again,we've only just started telling people about it!

This is quite fun for the first few months, but then I couldn't be bothered looking after my pets, so I looked around the site a bit. Basically, you adopt a neopet and look after it. You play games to get neopoints (currency) and etc. But if you go to Boards, then you can talk a lot. There's a board for roleplaying. If you go on that then you will find many types of Roleplay, and if you don't like the ones there, you make your own.
This is another Wolf rp site. The Alpha's are Niyi and Luosto. Great site, rp boards aswell as a chat room to rp on. It's quite new and is need of members so if you're bored and fancy something new, then try this. Trust me, you'll be hooked.
*-Weebl and Bob
Ahhh.Here we have, possibly one of the most funniest cartoons I have ever seen! if you were wondering, it's by the same people who did the Anchor Spreadable adverts. Now we all know how good they were!

*-Happy Tree Friends
Not your average kids cartoon. I think if kids saw this they'd be traumatised for life! Just your average cute furry animals killing themselves in many shapes and forms. If like Itchy and Scratchy, then this is a site for you

*-Badger Badger Badger
Very funny, dancing badgers.Catchy tune aswell.Theres a link to the site that has them all, and funnily enough you can find Weebl and Bob on there to! ^_^