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My drawings!

Well this page is pretty self-explanatory. I did have my drawings on here, but it was taking up too much memory and then I couldn't get the link right to make them bigger.

I draw many kinds of things, and recently I've begun experimenting with watercolours, charcoal and Adobe Photoshop. I usually don't colour in my pictures because my colouring skills are pretty crap but I do occasionally have the odd go. I also draw with different graded pencils.

Usually I draw animals or disney characters, anime/manga characters etc. Most of my pictures are of the like. But since I got my watercolours and Adobe Photoshop, I've been experimenting and have come out with some decent pieces.

Currently I'm in Year 11 and nearly at the end of my G.C.S.E 's. I have taken Art but I seriously think I'm going to fail it. I'm not on target for the A minimum grade and it's really getting me down. I understand why I'm not doing well and it's because the curriculum is a load of bullsh*t. They make us do Art in the way other artists do it, but I was under the impression that Art was about what you yourself could do, not how to do it someone elses way. I can do passably good pieces when left to my own devices and draw what I personally want to draw. But when I'm told to create a composition of mechanical pieces in the style of Leger or Giger, my inspiration and imagination seep away swiftly. It's something I can't do. I'm going to stop ranting about the f**ked up Government (Because that what it comes down to).

All the pieces that I do, I upload them onto a site called DeviantArt.

(Just copy and paste it into the search bar)

I'd like to say a hello to my friends on DevArt: