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Daniel Joseph Min's Home Page - Banned (Freeware) Books by Daniel Joseph Min

 Mayan Calendar 2012


 Pope Benedict XVI

Min's Global Search LinksMinís Global Search Links

Daniel Joseph Min's Zodiac Color WheelDownload Minís Zodiac Color Wheel

Daniel Joseph Min's Observing and Predicting Planetary Orbits Observing and Predicting Planetary Orbits

Daniel Joseph Min's Ten Heavenly Spheres - The Heresy Of Copernicus Minís Ten Heavenly Spheres - The Copernican Heresy


Sacred Letters of the Major Arcana (Tarot Alphabet)

The Matrix Unplugged (Take The Red Pill, NeoÖ)

Minís Christian Litmus Test (1 question)

Minís Spiritual I.Q. Test (100 questions)

Donít forget, hereíre all seven of my original books in the popular PDF format.
Theyíre free and richly informative, so download them while you can:

Minís Historical Calendar Of Jesus

Minís Compleat Tarot Manual

Minís Compleat Tarot Pak

Minís Light & Sound

Minís Planetary Awareness Technique

Minís Interlinear Apocalypse & Commentary

Minís Interlinear Nostradamus

Minís Famous Judicial Horoscopes

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