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Mr. Dubé's Chemistry Classes at Robert Service High School

Welcome to the Robert Service High School Chemistry Web page. Here you'll learn more about our chemistry classes and our policies.

Chemistry Classes

Class Policies


Homework: Homework is worth 5 to 10 points and will be given daily. A quiz consisting of 1 or 2 homework problems from the previous week may be given in place of homework.

Tests and Quizzes: Quizzes are worth 10 to 25 points and will be given at least once a month. Tests are worth up to 100 points and will be given three times each quarter.

Labs: Labs are worth 10 to 30 points and will be graded on safety, participation, and write-up. Reports should be neatly written or typed. Research projects will also be assigned throughout the year.


You can meet with Mr. Dubé before or after school or during most lunch hours in room H113. Do not hesitate to ask for help! It can be very hard to catch up if you fall behind.


Labs are completed weekly. Because of the potential danger of any lab exercise, you will follow the highest standards of conduct. Misbehavior can result in dismissal from the lab.