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Introducing the Clan...

Bienvenidos al Clan Luna!

Merry Meet all good gentles!
You have arrived at the home of the Luna Clan.
Park your vardo and have some kafa (coffee) and a grand time!
If you see our stand on a Merchant's Row, be sure to stop by...
we have soaps, bath salts, herbals and many items for YOUR medieval health!
Email us for more information!

Click on a name at left to learn more.

  • Antonia K. Marin~an Andalucian gypsy originally from Malaga. (That's me!) I make my own botanicals and love to do henna designs.
  • Barros Serrano~a mozárabe peasant from the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Granada. He has quite a green thumb and if you have any garden or farming questions, he's the person to ask.
  • Hakim "El Fuego" Marin~the little Arab boy we "found" wandering alone and hungry. We took him in, fed him and now he's my and Barros' son!
  • Moshe ben Yishma'el~also known as Mosse Mantega (Castillian) & Musa ibn Isma'il (Arabic) is a 12th century Jewish mystical poet from southern Castilla, who also has learned many songs from the three main communities in Spain: his fellow Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians.
  • Clara (Marin) Fernandes~also a Gypsy of Malaga, and sister to Antonia.

It does not matter where you are, or where we are, all are welcome!
Want to join our clan? Drop us an email!
We are a Clan of Gypsies, but you don't have to be a Gypsy to be welcome in our Clan or our camp at any event!
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