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Meet Cilantro
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Alone, Scared and Starving

This is Cilantro or Cilly. She is a female German Shepard. Probably 1-2 years old. I found her hiding underneath a car in Lincoln Heights on Sunday, October 3rd. She was filthy, hungry covered with fleas and so dehydrated her fur felt crunchy and brittle when you touched it. I spent about 10 minutes coaxing her out from under the car she balled herself up under. Once I did she very cautiously poked her head out, crawling up to me on her belly to sniff my hand and take the dog cookie I was offering. Once the cookie was recieved she cautiously came up to me and laid her head on my lap.
Cilantro is currently being cared for by myself and a group of my friends in Lincoln Heights. We make sure that eats at least 3 meals a day, in order to get her weight back up, that she always has plently of drinking water and that she receives all the attention and play-time she can handle.

Why we need your help

Cilantro is a homeless dog, and while we're doing our best to make sure she gets healthier and happier we are unable to give her a permanent place to live. Our goal is to see Cilantro happy with a new home or at least another temporary residence by Saturday, October 9th. Please pass this URL on to everyone you know so that anyone who may be looking for canine companion will consider our little Cilly. If you need any information please send us an email via the email link at the top of the page.

Thank you!