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So you are interested in identifying your sweet cabbage patch, but you just don't know where to start. The numerous dates found on various areas, strange numbers, and shapes confusing you? Well have no fear, that's why this page is here. Please note I am only covering Coleco Kids. If you are looking for exact dates of other kids, I'm sorry that this page will not help you. I can provide you with a bit of something to go by: Coleco- July 1983~1989, Hasbro- 1990~1994, Mattel- 1995~NOW, Play ALONG- 2004~ NOW

Bottom Signatures

Alot of people make the mistake that the signature on the bottom of mass produced Cabbage Patch Kids is an actual handwritten signature. This infact is not true. The signature is only a copy of Xavier Roberts' actual signature. This is used for identification of a genuine Cabbage Patch Kid. Please note that during the early 80's, during the peek of the Cabbage Patch Craze, CPK's were often duplicated by "offbrands" Some of these over see copy cats even went so far as to copy the written imprint of head molds, and bottom signature. If you have doubt about a cabbage patch, a good indicator of a genuine, when all other signs check out, is the body tag. Copy cats did not have these tags. A tag should be attached to the left side (same side as the bottom signature) of your doll.
1983- BLACK signature.
This was used on the first edition cabbage patch kids. Coleco. ALL KIDS of this year.

1984- GREEN signature.
This was used on almost all coleco kids and some foriegn made kids. Some of these signatures may be followed by the date, but not all.
BLACK signature.
This was used only for Preemies and some foreign made kids. These too may be dated.

1985- BLUE signature.
This signature was used on all kids. Coleco made kids would be dated. Foriegn kids may or may not be dated.

1986- RED signature.
This signature was used on all Coleco kids and was dated.

1987- AQUA signature.
This signature was used on all Coleco kids.

1988- LAVENDER signature.
This signature was used on all Coleco kids.

1989- ROSE/WATERMELON signature.
This signature was used on all Coleco kids.

Head Molds

Coleco Head molds came in numbers 1-21. A number 7 and number 13 molds were never made. Later mold numbers included 30, 36, 44, 45, H22, H23, T8, T9. The H mold numbers were for Growing hair kids, and the T mold numbers were for Talking Kids. Most of the mold number can be found on the back of your Kids neck. During the first two years of production only mold numbers 1-4 were used.

Foriegn Kids

During the 80's Coleco had exclusive rights to the mass production of the kids. But the demand for Cabbage Patch Kids was a wee more than the US owned company's factories could handle. Companies that Coleco used to aid production include:
Tsukuda- Japan.
These kids were never intended for sale in the US. They are a bit difficult to find as the only ones who made it back to the states would have been tourist from that country. These kids did not appeal to Japanese children until the dress was changed. Some such outfits include: Kimonos for girls, Samurai outfits for boys, Happy Coats (a japanese looking coat), and a wedding set. (Pictures coming soon!)

Lili-Ledy- Mexico.
Again, these kids were not intended for sale in the US. These kids could be found in such outfits as Mexican outfits with Flag and Sombrero, and Santa suits!

Jesmar- Spain.
These dolls were not intended for sale in the US. Some of the Jesmar dolls did find their way into the state as Coleco imported them.

Tri-Ang Pedigree- South Africa. These kids were not intended for sale in the US.

Fun Kids through the Years: the 1980's!!


Kids in Costumes- Canadian Market Only


Cabbage Patch Kids in Western Wear with Ponies
World Traveler's


Popcorn Hair Girls
Circus Kids
Young Astronauts
Cornsilk Kids
Baseball All Stars


Talkin Kids
Splashin Kids


Growing Hair Kids- Girls only


Sippin' Babbies- This was started by Coleco and then when the companies changed hands, Hasbro picked it up.
Designer Kids- Again this was later picked up by Hasbro