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Bunny Bear Baby Slings

Bunny Bear Sling Positions:


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Bunny Bear Baby Slings- are hand made in TexasBunny Bear Slings are made from quality materials. The special BACK STRAP" is unique to Bunny Bear. It's like to other sling, it is designed for your comfort. It does not restrict your arm movements or wrinkle your clothes The sling is all double and tripple stitched. And the special adjustable rings are industrial strength. There will be NO breakage here! The sling is fully adjustable to provide you with comfort and to allow you a variety of postitions to wear your baby! Bunny Bear Slings allows mom to have more freedom and comfort while still holding baby or child. We all know what it's like to be out shopping and trying to carry your baby. NO MORE STROLLERS, NO MORE BULKY BABY BACKPACKS!Bunny Bear Baby Slings fold up to fit in your purse, diaper bag, and briefcase. I use it as a changing pad, burper, teether, and blankie. It's great to wear outside, you can shield your baby from the sun, rain, and wing with the sling blankie.BE COOL & BE IN STLYE!Bunny Bear Slings are made to fit ANY body type. If you have concerns please contact us before ordering.You also have a choice