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8/3/04-I haven't done much in a while. I've been too busy sitting around bored. Also the fact that I don't have a scanner is really making this hard. I have however, added my collection of colorbars. I love them so.
5/30/04-The site is up and running! Woohoo!
5/31/04-Did A LOT of work today. Made some banners and pretty much got the pages together.


Please note that I did NOT make any of these, I just have a healthy obsession with them.

Rainbow Snape Bothering
Bothering Snape Is Love...
Any Time...

DDR is love.
Marriage is love.

Something Corporate Is Love

The Notebook is love

The Matrix is love

Sweet Transvestites from Transexual, Transylvania are love.

Peace is Love. Love is Peace.

Orlando Bloom is love sex.

Angelina Jolie is Sex

Rocky Horror is Love

Cows Are Love

Ewan McGregor is Scottish SexLove

Sailor Moon is Love

Harry Potter is Love

Ron Weasley is Love

LotR boys wearing eyeliner is Love

Sean Astin is Love

Viggo is Love

Friends is Love

Rob Thomas is such a SEXY beast

Billeh is Love

Orlando Bloom is Love

Draco Malfoy is Love

Clue is Murderously Fun Love

Ian McKellen is Love

Yellowcard is Love

Kilts are Sex Love

Geeks are Love

Potter Puppet Pals is a Cornucopia of Love

Sean Biggerstaff is Love

Oliver Wood is Love

Professor Quirrell is Love

Remus Lupin is Love

Alan Rickman is Love

Snape is Love

Tom Riddle is Love

Rupert Grint is Love

Gryffindor is love.

Slytherin is I really wanna get in your pants so I'll tell you I love you and then only call you again if I'm really horny.

Robert Smith is love

Johnny Depp is love

The Emperors New groove rocks

Jack/Will/Elizabeth: 'Cause they're more like Guidelines, anyway.

The Spice Girls Are Girl-Powered | Get The Code

John Lennon is peace

Hamasaki Ayumi is j-pop love

Llamas are stinky, cabbage-eating love.

Sex and the City is Love


Fleetwood Mac is Musical Love.

Becks is sex love.

Gene Kelly is Dancing Through Life Love

Blue Collar Comedy is Love.

Foamy is Lord and Master Love

Ryan Gosling is love.

The Princess Bride is true love...

Beauty and the Beast is magical love...


Colorbars I made

Hyun-kyu and Hye-ran love

All art work posted on this site belongs to the webmistress unless otherwise stated. In other words, you take it and I will hunt you down like a dog. Thanks! ^_^