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life is good
life itself is disturbing
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my mystical secrets


a mystery ......naw just my thoughts
Mood:  special
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Topic: life is good
i feel really special now cuz i kno now dat i got a man dat loves me and my kids so much that he would do anything for us. dat is something no one has ever done for us ever and i kno dat my life will be so joyful and full of life. he may not kno it and i may not show it to him all the time in which i should but i love him so very much...he shows me and my kids so much love i kno for a fact dat i will be happy for the rest of my life and if i mess it up with him i would so not forgive myself, but i kno dat wont happen. he has proven his self so much to us dat for once in my life i can actually beleive him cuz he shows it each and everyday of his life he spends with us. he is just so unbeleivabley wonderful dat sometimes i cry myself to sleep at nite or just cry during the day cuz i feel like i put him threw some stuff dat wasnt his fault and i feel terrible. and i kno dat he would forgive me but there is no excuse for it. all i kno dat i kno dat i am da luckiest person in the world with the most wonderful man in the world dat i would do anything for. and he took my kids in as his own. alot of ppl would never do dat, but he did and he made my boys so happy to finally have a daddy round and for someone to be there for them and to have fun with them. and the thing dat hurts da most is dat if i were to loose him my boys would be so devistated and i would have no heart to mend, cuz once it is broken dis time i wont ever want to move on cuz i kno know dat he is da one for me and my boys. and shawn will never kno how much i really mean to him unless he reads this...but til den i am happy and so are the boys and nothing will ever change dat......EVER!!!!

Posted by moon2/baby_sk8ter_gurl at 7:01 PM
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