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+P r o f i l e

I'm Alice and that's really all you need to know. Until I get off my butt and say more :3

There's also some pictures of me & family, though they're a bit older. Meh.

Hey, the SUN was in my eyes!, after performing at the Romanian Village for the Carrousel. It was fun :3
June 2004
+with my daddy+
Some tropical garden...I look really stoned >.<
January 2004
+with my mami+
Same garden...but with my mum this time ^_^ and almost a real smile!
January 2004
+ice sculptures+
Ice sculpture festival...some time...somewhere XD
I'm guessing Feb/March 2004
+new year+
New Year's party (was Romanian) and it really was a lot of fun ^_^ And, I look NORMAL in the picture, just slightly evil.
December 2003 (or perhaps January?)
+fall ball+
Not much to say...'bal de toamna' not soon after Ina & Mia moved away..
November 2003
+happy memory+
You know in the movies, when the friends that used to be close but drifted apart come together for the last time before moving on to wherever? And they lie down in a field, staring at the sky and remembering all the good times they had together? Well, this was one of those moments. Left to right: Dan, Laura, Me, Maria, Mike, Irina, Diana.
October 2003