My Portfolio

This is my portfolio, as it were. Here we have 30 of my more recent and decent pictures, in order of their folder name...yes, I really can't make myself do a decent website with all my art. But I will one day, Angelfire willing..


Such a sweet little thing... one of the few angels I've drawn. Ick.


It's an "older" one, but one of my favourites, to be honest. An emotional piece.

Adam's Song

Was a request for Hannah. She liked the song, she liked "Iris", so I drew this for her (I was in the mood).

Strawberry Tears

Apparently, I was feeling VERY depressed. This one was borderline on the oekaki, but didn't get deleted ^_^. (Although it was my fault for the "no SI" rule..)

Yuna, from FFX

To tell you the truth, I've never played FFX and only recently got FFX-2. But I've drawn Yuna many, MANY times (more than any other individual character) the songstress outfit, to be exact. But she was so pretty in the screencap, that I had to try to draw her back in the summoner days. *sigh* one of my best realism..not much to be proud of.


XD Miya's the bellydancer. Really, she's been drawn quite a few times...more than the other Fragments characters, at least. Yes, I admit that I like this picture. Is that really so bad? Sure, there are flaws...the mouth, the stomach, the piece of hair...but I don't care. I still like it ^_^. (one of the few completely un-inspired pieces, too!)

Seien. Sort of.

Seien, back in her pop-idol-group days. She was part of the group "Rainbow Dream", and was "blue". Really. The first drawing I did after the Mizukori oekaki was reinacarnated.

Sari. [Sacrifice]

From Sacrifice

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