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Arienh's Page of Stuff

*WARNING: Under severe construction*

Ahoy hoy! Welcome to my humble page.
This is the first time I've ever tried to write a page all by myself so it might look a little odd and/or empty and/or just plain sucky for quite a while. If you keep visiting me, I'll make it worth your the next life maybe.

Please visit my links, I promise they're good :)

Ok then.  I've since decided NOT to do this thing all by code as it would take forever and probably still end up looking like crap.  Instead I'm going to use a compser-doovy-whatsit and make everything purdy!!!  Yay technology!!!

Some of my favorite web sites:

Mystic Wicks Online Pagan Community
The Hunger Site
Amnesty International

 Where the wild things are...