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When we first start on our quest to invoke the Angels to join with us, we can start with the Archangels as they inspire confidence with their presence and lead us to our own guardians, the manifestation of our miracles and our messages of love.

The Archangels are the more well known Angels of the Angelic realms. Although there is more than the four listed here we will start this page with the better known Archangels.

To invite the energy of Archangels into your life, take a moment to read about them and familiarize yourself with their associations.

Once familiar with the Archangels you will find that they will wing their way into your life, bringing with them great love and compassion for you and your endeavours.

To begin with start with a weekly ritual (daily if you like). Light a candle in the name of each Archangel. Request their assistance, ask that they bless you with qualities of their energy. Let the candle burn in a safe place whilst you take time to settle quietly. In the silence of ourselves we will hear the voice of our messengers. In the silence of our minds you will hear the Archangels breathe.

Take a moment to invite them into your life while you are meditating.

Archangel Michael

Michael is probably best known of the four, he has been mentioned in both the New and old Testament. Michaels name means “ He who is as God”. Michael is known as the prince of light, the Warrior Angel, the protector. Michael is usually depicted with a sword, a sign of strength and protection, as well as a set of scales which represents balance of judgment.

Michael is the ruler of the Sun, angel of the south, his element is Fire.

Connect with the strength, protection and balance of Michael. As an Archetype use Archangel Michael and all that he represents to draw on your own spiritual qualities and power.  

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is well known as the messenger. He was the Angel that told Mother Mary that she would give birth to Jesus. Gabriel’s name means “power or strength of God”. Gabriel is often pictured with a trumpet, as he heralds change, or holding a lily, the symbol of purity.

Gabriel is the Lord of the moon, angel of the west, his element is water.

Connect with the purity of Archangel Gabriel. Pay close attention to your dreams as Gabriel talks to you through your dreams. As an Archetype use Gabriel and his representations to enhance your intuitive ability, learn to listen to your own truth.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is known as the heavenly physician. Raphael’s name means “God Heals”. He is depicted with a traveller's staff, a water bottle and fish, these items represent that as we travel through life all that will sustain us on our journey will be provided.

Raphael is the archangel of healing, angel of the east, his element is air.

Connect with the healing energy of Raphael, he is known for his swiftness. As an archetype ask Raphael to help you communicate with the divine healer within, he will help you use your knowledge to bridge the chasm between yourself and heaven.

Archangel Uriel

Uriel is the Archangel of salvation. His name means “Light or Fire of God”. He is usually pictured with an open palm with a flame and a book. The text in his book translates to “ In thy light shall we see light”. Uriel is the Angel of dedication and service, also the angel of the eleventh hour.

Uriel is the archangel of peace, angel of the north, his element is earth.

Connect with the energy of Uriel, ask for his presence in your life to promote your own inner peace. As an archetype Uriel will help guide you to realise your own spiritual path. As the angel of the eleventh hour you can call on his energy to help you through any crisis. Ask for his help and he will intercede.


Reach out to the Archangels, meditate on their qualities. Allow the energy of the Archangel within to expand. Watch out for signs from the Archangels as they bless you with love. Remember to thank the Angels for their gifts of love as you grow.



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