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1. Departure
  Passengers are requested to be at the pick up points/station at least (30) minutes before departure time. otherwise, sets will be forfeited in favor of wait-listed passengers if they fail to appear (5) minutes prior to time of departure.
2. Reconfirmation of Open Tickets
  For open tickets, please reconfirm your open tickets at any booking outlet at least 12 hours before departure time. Tickets are valid (30) days from the date of issue unless specified.
3. Cancellation
  Confirmed and open ticket as a rule is non-refundable. A passenger who cancels a confirmed reservaion before departure shall be marked as OPEN TICKET ONLY, valid for (30) days upon date of issue, said ticket can be accommodated Manila to bial and vice versa. A reservation not cancelled (no show), as a rule is deemed forfeited unless the passenger will pay a surcharge 30% to re-book the ticket.
4. Fare Coverage
  Trip is from terminal to terminal only
5. Refusal of Carriage
  The company reserves the right to refuse accommodation of a passenger should it find reasons to do so, pets and animals, packages chemicals, gas tank with foul smell. Passengers who refuse to pay additional charge for baggage/luggage that are in excess of the allowed baggage per passenger., which is (1) overnight bag and a hand carry. All excess baggage shall be charged (10%) of their amount.
6. Accompanying Child

One paying passenger is allowed to bring one child aged 6 and below, provided the child does not occupy a set pays P20.00 ticket charge. A child aged 7 and above shall pay the fare in full.

7. Baggage Liability
  The company's liability for loss of damage to baggage without ticket is limited to a maximum of P50.00 only.
8. Insurance

The company had engaged the services of a competent insurance company for the protection of its passengers. Passengers are advised to use their correct names.

9. Trip Cancellation
  The management reserves the right to cancel and/or charge the date and time of departure without prior notice.
10. Lost Ticket

Upon purchase of the ticket, the passengers take full responsibility of its safety. A passenger who lost his/her ticket will have to buy a new ticket in the same amount for them to be allowed to board the bus.

11.Acceptance of Condition

Upon purchase of the ticket, the passengers are presumed to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions printed herein.