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Hello and welcome to XxShadowSkillsxX! We are currently under contstruction so please bear with us. We have many things to offer. We are planing many new things like this webpage and guild wars. We hope you join our guild. XxShadowSkillsxX Guild


WE ARE NOW STARTING THE GUILD WAR, this will be a pre-war.... our members will go against EACHOTHER!!! ALL particapants in this war,please submit your name to unbiddenashley (3 days to decide)

Current Goals

We're looking for new active members. We have certain goals we'd like to make here they are.

  • we now have 15 members, we will have a guild war in 3 DAYS.
  • At At 20 members were having a 20k giveaway.

    Guild war

    Okay so here deal. We are going to start our Guild War. We need all participants need to post a message board in the guild.

    Sasquach142 and UnbiddenAshley are planning a donation contest. the donation contest: THE PERSON WHO DONATES THE MOST NPS OR STUFF TO Sasquach142's TRADES or SHOP will WIN something SPECIAL.The MORE you DONATE the BETTER the PRIZE. You can also give items to UnbiddenAshley if you don't want to do the trades. SO START DONATING!!!

    Donation Upadates

    1sttylerwyler1048000 Np
    2nddementedmonkee6459 Np
    3rd unbiddenashley5000 Np

    Guild Links