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Kyley's Artwork

Chibi Siblings-Cute lil' piccy of Chibi Vegita and Kyley.
Chibi Love-Lil' Zarbon and lil' Kyley oogleing over him.
Saiyajin Duo-Gak! Trunks is stepping on Veggie's feet! Tried to do a back to back thing here, didn't quite turn out how I wanted it though. >.<
Go K-chan!!-BWA HA HA HA!! Feel the wrath of Kyley!!
Goku-Just a pic of Goku I did one day while looking at one of my manga.
Kyley and ball-Kyley and her Dragonball. I like how her cape turned out, but that outfit will have to go! >.<
Daddy-Awww, Zarbon holding chibi Kylon.
Dragon-Just a pencil drawing of my dragon Caliber. It's scanned in kinda crooked though ~_~
Kinu Kaminari-This is my character Kinu,I made her up for a Sailor Moon RPG I was in once.
Gaver and Kyley-Yes I know it says Gojita and Kyley on the pic. Anyways, that's Kyley with Gaver. ^^;;
Kyla-Just a pic of Kyley's daughter Kyla.
Kyla-An ink pic I did of Kyla and her skimpy clothed self.
Kyley-Pic of Kyley in her full armor.
Kyley-Pic of Kyley that I did for an art project. Kinds small pic. I can't find the bigger version of it.
Kylon-Piccy of Kylon glaring at ya.
Kyley-A very angry Kyley. this was one of my very first pics of her.
The Serunne Family-Aww the whole Serunne family. ^_^
Vegita and Nappa-Piccy I did while looking at some DBZ manga.
Zarbon-A pencil drawing I did of Zarbon.
Blue Lightning-Kyley Charging up for her attack.
Link-One of my favorite pieces. It's a Pencil of Link form The Legend of Zelda.
Link Envelope-Some envelope Art I did a REALLY long time ago.
Mom-Pic I did f Kyley and Kyla.
Vegita-Just about everyone has done a version of this picture. I abosulutely love it, so I had to do my own vesrion as well.
Red Fox-Kinu Kaminari's trasformed state.
SSJ Duo-SSJ version of Vegita and Trunks.
Kyley And Zarbon-Cute pic of Kyley holding onto Zarbon.
Kyley and Zarbon-Another cute pic of them holding each othr close.
Beat up-Piccy or a beat up Krillin and Gohan.
Bura-Just a piccy of Bura (Bra) I drew after looking at a DBGT card.
Chichiri-Pic of Chichiri
Hikaru-Old pic of Hikaru from MKR.
Kyley 1rst Draft-My very first version of Kyley.
Kyley 2nd Draft-My sencong draft of Kyley
Presea-Old pic of Presea from MKR.
Presea-Another pic of Presea I did.
Trunks and Kylon-Pic of the two boys.
Girls-Pic of six of my female characters; Yuki, Kinu, Kyley, Kasumi, Yume, and Mikazuki.
SM Girls-Usagi and the girls drooling.
Sailor Moon-Pic of Sailor Moon
SSJ Kyley-Crummy sketck of what Kyley might look like as an SSJ. (I think I got a lil' carried away with the hair here. ~_^;;
Kasumi Majo-My sorceress character.
Nori Hoshino-My lil bass ass cop chick (my mom loves this one ~_^).
Yoseiko Mamono-One of my favorite creations, my half demon half fairy character.
YoseikoCG-Same pic as the above one, but with a nifty CG background and stuff.
Aria-One of my newer characers. This is Kyley and Gaver's daughter.
The Boys-Here is my lil troop of hero boys, the Kaze Bros.
The Boys Again-Another pic of the Kaze Bros.
Catgirl Dominatrix-Meh, here's the beginning of my fascination with dominatrix outfits. It's Kyley weaing one.
Gaver Dominated-A sketchy mini comic scene of Gaver being dominated by Kyley.
Kyley Dom-Another one of Kyley wering a Dominatrix outfit.
Kyley Dom Again-One more of Kyley in her Dom outfit. This one is just an upper body pic though.
Gaver-A nice looking pencil drawing I did of Gaver.
Yume,Kinu,Kyley-Piccy of 3 of my fave girls the I've created.
Hikaru and Mokona-Nice colored pic of Hikaru and Mokona from MKR.
Keres-Pencil pic of my White mage Keres.
Keres color-Another pic of Keres, but in color.
Kinu and Riku-Cute pic of Kinu anr Riku holding each other.
Kikusu-A characer I made up based on my best friend.
Kinu-Piccy of Kinu wearing a Sailor Moon-ish school girl outfit.
Kinu and her Staff-Pic of Kinu Holding her fox fire staff.
Kiri-One of my setsunite characters.
Kiri again-Another one of Kiri. Yes I know he looks like SSJ Gohan. >.<;;
Koneko-AN elf grl I made up.
Chibi Kyley-Sketch of chibi Kyley.
Kyley-Neat little pencil sketch I did of Kyley.
Kyley Phantom-Me watching Boogiepop Phantom to eccesively. XD
Kyley 2-Nice pencil of Kyley.
Kyley 3-Wierd looking sketch of Kyley.
SSJ Kyley-Sketch of what I think Kyely would look like as an SSJ.
Kyley 4-Sketch of Kyley with angel wings.
Kyley Beaten Up-Sketch of a really hurt and bloody Kyley.
Kyley 5-Color sketch of Kyley yelling.
Kyley Angel-Nice pencil drawing of Kyley as an angel.
Chibi Kyley mini comic-cute lil comic of Kyley as a chibi
Kyley and Gaver-A nice pencil drawing of Kyley and Gaver.
Kyley and Sasaki-A nice looking pencil drawing of Kyley with Sasaki, a new character from a manga i'm working on.
X-mas Kyley-Kyley in a Christmas outfit.
Kylon-Color piccy of Kyley.
Leah-Pretty pencil of my character Leah.
Mikazuki-Color pic of my character Mika.
Taka Neko-Color pic of my elf boy Neko.
Nikko-A very sketchy pencil drawing of my character Nikko.
Nikko 2-Another pencil drawing of Nikko.
Nori-A sketch of Nori.
Nori color-Another pic of Nori, but in color.
Peorth-A scratch board of Peorth.
Adult Ryu-Pic of my 1/2 dragon character Ryu.
Teen Ryu-Pic o a teenage Ryu.
Sasaki-A pencil drawing of my character Sasaki. (I drew this pic when I was very drunk, I'm surprised it actuallycame out decent.) XD
Seika-A pic of my guardian character Seika.
Tsuki-Color pic of my character Tsuki.
Yoru-Sketch of my vampire character Yoru.
Yoseiko-Old version of my character Yoseiko.
Yoseiko 2-Sketck of Yoseiko.
Yoseiko 3-Another sketch of Yoseiko.
Yuki-Color pic of my character Yuki.
Yume-Color pic of my character Yume.
Yume (New version)-Yume's new look. I'm using her for my Character design class this quarter, and I gave her a new look, color scheme and weapons.
Sexy Yume-This one I did in a different style completely, it's only in pencil, but it turned out nice. *NOTE* Contains nudity!
Kyley Painting, Kyley Painting (small)-Here's a painting I did for my Design and Color theory class. The pic is quite fuzzy though since it was taken with a digital camera. I'll try to get a good scan of it done later.
Boogiepop Phantom-All hail the great Boogiepop!! A pencil drawing I did of BP.
Inu Yasha-A pic I did of Inu Yasha, colored with Prisma color markers.
Easter Kyley-Ink pic of bunny girl Kyley I did at work one day before Easter when I was bored out of my mind.
Kyra-Kyley's twin sister Kyra (other storyline).
Kyley 6-Pencil pic of Kyley in a completely different style.
Kyley Kimono-Fist attempt ever at drawing someone in a kimono, didn'r turn out too bad I think.
Kyra and Jess-Pencil sketch of Kyra and her love interest Jess.
Kyley and Sasaki again-Sketch of Kyley and Saraki, I never did get around to drawing clothes on him though. _
Lina Inverse-Pencil sketch of Lina Inverse from Slayers.
Puma Puma-My catgirl Puma Puma, in color.
Puma Puma 2-Another one of Puma Puma, I did this one on the plane to Cali once.
Yume Sketch-Rough sketch I did of Yume when I was working on remodeling her.
Pretty Zarby-Very bishy pencil pic of Zarbon.
**New Stuff**
NiGHTS Doodles-The beginning of my ongoing NiGHTS obsession. I was bored at work, what can I say. ^_^
Zarby and Kyley-I haven't drawn these two recently, so I thought I'd give it a try. Zarbs turned out ok, but I'm not that pleased with Ky.
Zarby and Kyley 2-The Color version of the one above. I've recently learned to CG thingsin Photoshop, so I've been coloring a lot of my stuff lately.
Mai-One of my newest characters, an alchoholic samurai. yay?
Mai 2-The colored version of the above pic. I really like how the CG of this one turned out.
Myrra-My NiGHTS fan character.
Myrra (green)-The first color version I did of Myrra.
Myrra (blue)-The second color version I did of Myrra. I ended up going with this one, because I liked it more.
QFD Poster B&W-This was drawn for a movie poster project for one of my classes. QFD Poster Color-The color version of the above pic.
QFD Complete-The final version of the QFD movie poster. (Incase you're wondering QFD is an RPG going on at the ZSF.)
QFD CD B&W-Yup, my next project was to put together a CD cover, here's my ink version of it.
QFD CD Color-Colored version of the above pic.
Yume 1-Character sheets of Yume that I did for my Character Design class.
Yume 2-Second Character Sheets for Yume
Yume 3-Facial expressions sheet for Yume.
Yume 4-Final verion of the facial expressions sheet for Yume.
Nori-Finally got around to finishing this one, actually I just colored the rest in Photoshop, but it looks ok.
Yume nude-**CONTAINS NUDITY**, Nude pic of Yume top half. For some reason the guys in my classes really like this one. ^^;;;