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~Welcome to Grace's Website!!~




Hey Everybody!! Welcome to my page!! This page is so I could show 

everyone pictures of my friends and family and so you all could know a 

little bit more about me. Up above is a picture of me so you know what 

I look like. I hope you all enjoy it and if not, then don't even bother to 

look at it. Thanx and have fun!! 



*A Little About Me*

My name is Grace and I'm 16 years old. I'll be driving soon, so I thought I might warn you to stay off the road. Last time that I drove was with my sister-in-law Ashley and it was in a cemetery and I about hit like 10 gravestones. Needless to say, I CAN'T drive!! I live in Versailles, Kentucky. It's a small town where everybody knows everybody else in the town. Everybody goes to the same high school and all of our parents know each others parents and whole family tree. I work at a Little Caesars'. It really sucks right now because since it's summer, we're advertising a lot. Our boss (and mayor of the town) makes us go outside and sign dance. It's pretty hot out there when you try to hold up a sign and dance around for ongoing traffic. I don't really dance though. I just kind of wave the sign around. I also baby-sit a little girl named Gabrielle. She's 5 and adorable!! I like to hang out with my friends, have cookouts, go swimming, go shopping, and listen to music. My favorite is country, but I'll listen to pretty much anything.