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About the Photographer

I live in a cute, dull little town called Superior, which is in the cute, dull State of Wisconsin. In fact, I live just beside the bridge that separates Minnesota and Wisconsin.... how's that for a thrilling fact?

I would love to be an artist, but I can't draw worth anything... but lately I've found another form of art that brings me happiness- taking pictures.

I bought a four pack of coloured film not long ago, and it came with a free roll of black and white film. I shot off the roll just for fun... taking pictures of silly, random things I found around the neighbourhood. And to my surprise, they actually turned out to be pretty darn cool!

Since then I've taken more and more pictures, always of things I find just as they are, and always using black and white film.

I hope that whoever you might be, you enjoy looking at my gallery.