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Astra West Restaurant Opening -7/25/03
Teen Choice Awards 2002-
XXX Movie Premier-
Swim Fan Movie Premier-
Video Music Awards 2002-
 Jay Leno -9/05/03
The Today Show-9/06/02
Jaguar Tribune-9/23/02
The Today Show-9/26/02
Jay Leno-10/23/02
Kelly Clarkson Day-11/25/02
Pre-Grammy Party-2/22/03
Grammy After Party-2/23/03
MTV Spring Break-3/13/03
Regis and Kelly-4/4/03
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards-4/12/03
Jay Leno-4/14/03
Burleson Walmart Signing-4/15/03
Good Morning America-4/17/03
Fox Up- Front Party-5/15/03
American Idol 2 Final,e-5/21/03
In The Studio w/ Kidd Karddick-5/27/03
103.7 KVIL Studio-5/27/03
Dream Cafe-5/27/03
J2K Burleson Premier-5/28/03
Wild 100 Studio-5/29/03
Mtv Beach House-5/30/03
Avenue in St. James London-6/4/03
Top of Pops London-6/10/03
34th Annual Song Writers Hall of Fame-6/12/03
Good Morning American-Annual Concert-6/13/03
Candies Photo Shoot-7/03
Teen Choice Awards-8/02/03
MTV Uk-8/20/03
MTV Trl-8/27/03
Music Video Awards 2003-8/28/03