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Water Survival Information Kiosk: Amazing Water Facts

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Here you will find amazing water facts. Water isn't as boring as it seems, as you will soon find out.

Amazing Water Facts

Largest Ocean- Pacific Ocean (166 million square km)

Largest Sea- South China Sea (3 million square km)

Deepest Point In the Ocean- Marina Trench, Pacific Ocean (11 km down)

Hottest Sea Water- Persian Gulf (35 degrees)

70% of the world’s surface is water.

The sun evaporates a trillion tones of water each day.

66% of our body is made of water.

A person can't survive for more than around 3 days without water but we can survive 30 days without food.

The heaviest hailstones weighed 1 kg, they fell in 1986 in Bangladesh.

There is the same amount of water in the world today as when the earth was first created. The earth will not gain or lose any water because it is recycled by nature.

Water doesn’t smell, is tasteless and colorless.

Fish breathe water like we breathe water like we breathe air.

A rat is the animal that can survive the longest without water.

An iguana can survive underwater for 28 minutes.

Almost all the fresh water on earth is frozen in huge glaciers and blocks of ice.