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Le Wang

Research Interests

RF/microwave circuit design, Wireless system design


1997 - 2001 Nanjing University, Nanjing, China
B.S. in Electrical Engineering

  • Specialty: Electrical science and engineering
  • Graduated with excellent thesis honor




Electromagnetic Fields and Microware Techniques  91

College Mathematics  92

Mathematical Methods for Physics  95

Electronic Circuits  92

High Frequency Circuit  88

Fundamentals of Acoustics  90

Probability Theory and Stochastic Process  87

Signals and Systems  85

Experiments in Modern Electronics  93

Work Experience

2002 - Present, Full chip IC design engineer in Turnkey design department, Acadia Design System Inc.

  • Designed a 0.13um SOC reference design flow for UMC based on Cadence tools
  • Designed a methodology to tradeoff Timing, Area, Power and Signal integrity issues
  • Designed a 32bit ARM-like CPU Core from netlist to GDSII

2001 – 2002, Logic design engineer in ASIC department, Eastern KaiHua information technology Co. Ltd

  • Designed and Implemented a USB2.0 block
  • Designed a LCD controller block in RTL level

2001 spring, Teaching assistant in Modern Electronic Lab, Nanjing Univeristy

  • Field instructor in the circuit design experiment class.

2000 - 2001, Research Assistant in Modern Electronic Lab, Nanjing Univeristy

  • Research the DFT strategy in VLSI design
  • Implemented a traffic control system in FPGA
  • Developed a FPGA demo board for teaching use

1999 summer, Internship Software Engineer for Nanjing De Xin Electronics, Ltd.

  • Developed an online business system using Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP

Professional Skills


  • CMOS analog and RF design (currently self-study)
  • High frequency digital circuit design
  • Programmable Logic Devices (FPGA, CPLD)

EDA tools

  • Hspice and ADS (currently self-study)
  • ICFB, Virtuoso, Assura
  • NCSIM, PKS, SE, First Encounter
  • MAXPlusII, Xilinx Foundation

Computer Skills

  • Language: Spice, C/C++, Matlab, Verilog, VHDL, Perl, Csh, TCL
  • Familiar with Solaris Unix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows


Le Wang, Yuan Li, "A novel BIST structure for 2^n bit CLA adder," Microelectronics, p19-22 v48 June 2002.

Awards received

1999, 2000: Scholarship of excellent student, Nanjing University
1998: Award of Excellent Design Project,
Nanjing University

1997: Outstanding student entrance scholarship, Nanjing University

1997: “Yin Da” scholarship for the city top 10 students in the national entrance examination, Jiu Jiang government


GRE 2220 v620 a800 m800    TOFLE 620     TWE 4.5


listening to classic music, thinking in midnight, traveling, soccer, high quality cooking