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STUNTS - beginner

Safety Tips

1. ALWAYS have an advisor, coach or adult watching at all times.
2. If anyone feels uncomfortable or unsure about a stunt, don't do it.
3. Always be serious about what you are doing. If someone can't stop laughing, take a break.
4. Spotters and bases- never take your eyes off the flyer, they are trusting you.
5. Flyers- be sure that you have complete trust in your bases and spotters.
6. Be sure you're on a good surface such as cheerleading mats. (Don't build on concrete, ouch!)

Shoulder Sit
Shoulder Sit
Photo by Gene Galin
1. Base lunges with the right leg to the side bent at a 90 degree angle and her left leg straight. Her lunge should be deep enough to allow a cup of water to sit on her leg.
2. Flyer stands behind the base and places her right foot on the base's thigh as close to the bases hip as possible. This is called the pocket.
3. Flyer puts her weight on her right leg as she jumps up using her left leg that is on the ground. At the same time she pushes on the base's shoulders to help herself up.
4. Flyer swings her left leg over the base's left shoulder, and then does the same with her right. By this time she should be sitting on the base's shoulders.
5. Base stands up.
NOTE: Base can lunge on the left leg, just switch instructions.
To Dismount: Base holds flyer's hands under flyer's legs. Base pops flyer off backwards.
Please note: The bases' inner arms in the picture to the right should be wrapped around the flyer's leg, holding at her toe.

L Stand
1. Base lunges as she would for a shoulder sit. Flyer puts her right leg in pocket and base puts arm around flyer's leg.
2. Flyer pushes on the bases shoulders, locks her right leg and lifts her leftt leg to be parallel with the ground. The backspot helps the flyer get up by holding her waist and then helps her lift her leg.
3. The base uses her left arm to hold the flyer's left leg.
Dismount: Take the flyer's leg over the front or put it down in the back.

Thigh Stand
1. Two bases lunge in toward one another. Flyer stands behind them.
2. Flyer places her right foot on the right base's left thigh (in her pocket). Her hands should be on base's shoulders.
3. Flyer puts her weight on right foot and jumps off of left leg. She puts her left leg on the left base's right thigh. Flyer locks legs and puts her arms in high V.

Straddle/ Split Lift
1. Back spot holds flyer's waist, front spot holds her hands.
2. There is a base on each side of the flyer. One of the bases, squating, holds the flyers leg at thigh and mid-calf.
3. On one, two, down, up the flyer bends down, jumps and lifts her leg for the other base to catch. The bases lift to full extension and the back spot holds at the flyer's bottom. The flyer should be in the straddle spilts with her arms in a high V.
Dismount: in the extension bring her legs together (pike) and the front spot. The bases drop the legs and everyone catches like a normal cradle.

Fish/Swedish Falls
1. Center bases face each other, legs shoulder width apart, arms straight and hands on each other's shoulders.
2. A flyer stands behind each base, facing the bases' backs. Flyers place hands on bases' shoulders.
3. Each flyer has a second base. These bases squat in between the other base and the flyer. They hold the flyers' waists.
4. A third base holds the flyers upstage leg--one hand on her thigh and the other on her ankle.
5. On 1, 2, down, up, the flyer bends her knees and jumps. The second and third bases lift the flyer up, fully extending their arms. The flyer's arms are also fully extended. The center bases have the flyers' weight on their shoulders. They support each other to maintain balance.
6. Both flyers lift their downstage leg (the base is only holding the upstage leg).
Dismount: The second and third bases lower the flyer.

Note: This can also be executed with only one base lifting, rather than two.

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