submission and so much more

Submission doesn't mean that the sub (be it male or female) is less of a person. It doesn't mean they are looking to be stepped on, kicked around, abused mentally, emotionally, or physically. we are not weak-minded individuals who can't take care of ourselves. No just the opposite in fact. i would have to say that being submissive is pretty strong will and strong mind.

As i think back to the start of my journey i have many fond memories. But how does one decide that they are submissive, that they wish to in some way give control of themselves to another, a Dom? For each person it's a personal choice, no one can tell you why you are submissive, no one can make you submissive. For me there's been something always in the back of my mind pushing me to always make sure others around me were happy. This was very apparent to me in my relationships.

i always found myself thinking how can i make him happier. How can i see that He is happy and complete. Is there anything i can do better, do different? my head was always thinking, it never stopped. At the time i just knew that it was a part of me, but it didn't have a name. i just thought it was me trying to be the best gf for them. In part that's true, i wanted to be the best for them. It's now that i realize what i truely am.

Should i be ashamed of it? Not at all. Then i am sure you are thinking why not use my real name. i choose to stay behind a mask (so to speak) so that those who would not understand won't try to change me, make me feel bad. This way i can freely express who i am and what i think without worry of being judged. Not that anyone could change me, being submissive is as much a part of me as being female. This need runs deep within me, it flows through my blood. Would i die without it, no, am i better off with it... yes.

Since i have begun this journey i have learned so much about myself, and in fact become a stronger person. i am no longer afraid to tell others what i like, how i feel, who i really am. i actually feel more open to discuss anything about me. Before discovering this i was a pretty closed off person. i had been hurt a lot in my life by others. They would get close to me, then abandon me for something else. i never felt good enough. It seemed no matter how hard i tried, no matter what i did, i never felt good enough. Well i know now that that isn't the case. i am good enough for the right person.

ny main message is be true to who Y/you are, be Y/you Dom/me, Switch, or sub... don't let others tell Y/you who Y/you are. Do what feels right to Y/you. There are a lot of people out there who say Y/you have to be this way or Y/you have to be that way. No Y/you don't, Y/you need to be who Y/you are and nothing else.
Now a special message to subs! Just because someone tells you that they are a Dom/me doesn't mean that They have a right to order you around. your submission is a gift to the right person. The person you chose to be your Dom/me should understand that and respect that. They should be willing to accept your gift and the responsibility that comes along with it. Stay away from the Ones that demand you kneel at Their feet and lick Their boots. Always have your guard up at first. Get to know the person, discuss likes and dislikes. Make sure this person will treat you well, treat you the way you want. The relationship is based on trust and communication and if you can't have either FIND SOMEONE ELSE! Don't be eager to just serve any Dom/me, be smart. Be Safe Be Sane Be Consenual!!

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