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This site is going to be devoted to O/our lifestyle. W/we practice the more gentle side of D/s and BDSM. Y/you don't see many personal websites out there devoted to the more softer, gentler side. So within this site Y/you will find out how W/we feel about the "typical" roles W/we each take and O/our views. W/we may not fit the stereotypical D/s relationship, but W/we find that O/our way works better for us. So W/we hope to express O/our views out there not to be judged but to show there are other ways a Dom can assert His dominance and control over His sub.

Here are links to each of O/our pages, to O/our views and opinions.
Dom Deditus's thoughts

sub yilansi's thoughts

Please come back and check often! W/we will be constantly updating this site as W/we feel the need to. Life doesn't take breaks, it always gives U/us opportunities to better O/ourselves and learn more. This page is meant to reflect O/our views not force them onto Y/you in anyway other then to show Y/you the softer side! SSC!

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