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Name Looks Description Picture

Homer Simpson

Homer J. Simpson

Homer Jay Simpson

Fat, three hairs on his head (black), blue jeans and white short sleeved shirt, white, male. 36 year old Homer.J.Simpson works in a job he hates, the nuclear powerplant sector 7g safety supervisor. His boss is the meanest and richest man of springfield, mr burns. In Homers free time he likes sleeping, eating anything, watching tv and drinking duff beer.

Marge Simpson

Margerie Simpson

maiden name= Bouvier

6ft high hair (blue), thin, green dress with no straps, necklace of white pearls. white female

Marge, the best wife a man could have. She looks after everyone and thing. She has had lots of jobs in the past including police officer but never for more than one episode. At 34 years old she is a loving mother of three children (see below ).

Bart Simpson

Bart J. Simpson

Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson

Pointy sticking up hair, orange t-shirt, blue shorts white male. The regular boy, 10 year old Bart Jo-Jo Simpson, NOT. Bart like spending his time demolishing things, wrecking games and playing pranks. He is really popular at Springfield Elementary, (the school) and never gets more than an F for his work. His bestfriend millhouse and him have spent a lot of time falling out and then getting back together. His past loves have been Greta Wolfcastle, Laura Powers and Jessica Lovejoy.
Lisa Simpson pointy hair, orange dress with no straps, necklace of white pearls, white female. Lisa Simpson, the angel of a girl. She is a vegetarian, strongly believes in the fact of peace and loves all things. She is very mature for an eight year old girl. She has always wanted a pony and spends her free time worrying, playing her saxophone and studying (she is a straight A student).

Maggie Simpson

Margeret Simpson

baby, blue longsleeved 'dress, permanent dummy, can't walk. Maggie, an extremely clever baby for just one year old. She has only said one word once so far, that word is daddy. Her arch enemy is Gerald the monobrow baby. In her spare time she likes to suck her dummy.

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