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Base by Fainelloth Dolls


Base by Fainelloth Dolls

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Welcome to *Sweet Mango*.The navigation is to the left and updates are below . I hope you enjoy your stay .


Hello everyone, I'm back from holidays ! I been abit of a busy bunny lately but I have made a hindi inspired doll, called Sarisha. I used alot of layers for this doll (mainly because I kept adding things on as an after thought) but we got there in the end ! Only a few das till my birthday now ! Yay! Rach xx


Hi just thought I'd update the site to say ,I'm off on holidays soon, so yep there gos.I really want to do some more Lord of The Rings inspired dolls when I get back so watch this space.Also I'm really grateful for your feedback so thank you for that its much appreciated. Thanks and hope your enjoying the summer ! Rach xx


Hello ,new doll it's Arwen, in the Requieum dress -in the Lord of The Rings. Well thats it for minute, need to get some sleep now lol. Bye. Rach xx


Well hello everyone ! Long time no see !I keep promising to update more often ,but it just has'nt been happening has it. Well have made a doll being very inspired by "Pride & Prejudice" at the time and called her Kitty. Well its the holidays now , brilliant ! Anyway next year at school will be very busy so I have to make the most of it hehe. Might start another doll now I think. Rach xx


Hello Everyone ! It's been absolutely ages since I last updated .I've had some problems with my computer and loads going on at school , basically I've been in overload for the past few weeks !So I'm very sorry but thats just the way it is .I'd love to be able to update more ,hopefully I will be able too soon , after I've got all the stuff I need to do done (trust me I'd rather not lol). I have joined another fanlisting though ,a moulin Rouge one , I watched the movie just once and I loved it ! Wells thats about it then ,I am working on a doll but I may just end up scraping it , I'm not totally happy with it .Okay now I'm done ..... Rach xx


Okay e-mail problem is sorted and I've made a new base , something i've been meaning to do for a long time now. I think I made need to work on my bases more in the future, I quite enjoyed making it . Rach xx


Wow it's been quite a while since my last update ,I've been playing badminton tonight and some how in a about 2 hours I made this doll lol.I like her outfit , I don't know what you think . I know it's yet another casual doll but I'm practising my shading alot so hopefully I can make something more different next time lol.Enjoy ! Rach xx

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