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Streaky's Auction House!

What we do
Hey, i'm Torre/ s.t.r.e.a.k.y. e.f.f.e.c.t. This is my new auction house. We offer simple, free, ways to sell your horse.(although it may not be free in the future.) We list the horse/breed/gender/points/age/comments from the seller/straight out price or HB/horses linage/and how to contact the seller. All you need to do is email me the things i listed above.(

Horses for Sale

Box of Crayons(3250358)/Pure Welsh Pony/Stallion/points:773/age:8/
COMMENTS:Never been bred. I need to get rid of some of my stock.
Price:4.5K OBO/Hat Trick(2989633) x Just a Kid(3047204)
Tag-A-Long Boy(3281129)/Shetland Pony/Stallion/points:262/age:10/
COMMENTS:Never been bred. I need to get rid of some of my stock.
Price:3K OBO/Store x Store
Puzzled(3346259)/Welsh Pony/Mare/points:606/age:4/
COMMENTS:Personlized Pic, been bred before.
Price: 5.5K OBO/Zeebo Commander Romance(2790920) x Cry A Little (3049408)
Brave Justice(3358391) /Arabian/Stallion/Points:808/age:4/
COMMENTS:entered in 250 unrun shows, 100 to run 6-6-03.
Price: 3.5K OBO/Braveheart(3028547) x (2848951) American Justice
Tropical Temptaions(3327200)/ Straight Egyptian Arabian/Stallion/points: 1,214/age:8/
COMMENTS: no foals
/Price:10k/ store x store/ or
Fairy Tale Revenge/Pure Welsh Pony/Mare/Points:1,671/Age:0/
COMMENTS:Needs to sell! Will make great broomare, already stocked up with points./
Price:500K OBO/ Graceful Revenge(3020519) x Telynau Fairy Tale(2900348)/

Thank you for visiting my auction house.Please come back and visit again!