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SPIRITWYNDSPEAKS contends to heal one's life we must feed our soul. Man and woman will feel disconnected from others and their selves during crises. If one is experiencing crises on a constant bases, their soul is muffled and they cannot hear the advice being given. The solution is to become re-in touch with your soul.

Personal Life Coaching is simply helping a person to find their way back to solid ground. When this connection has finally been made, then the Personal Life Coach aids the client into reuniting with their soul.

Spiritwyndspeaks is a licensed clergy and certified healer. Her life calling has sent her around the United States to aid people in making changes in their lifestyles. Spiritwyndspeaks enjoys seeing the capture of excitement on someone's face when they themselves understand what their solution is to a particular problem.

Obstacles are a part of life, everyone shares these experiences and all more then once. Spiritwyndspeaks too had a life changing situation regarding her work. When renounced to her, that her husband would be hooked up to oxygen 24/7, she knew her traveling career would have to at least be put on hold for a long time.

In crises we can hold on dearly to what we had, or let go and create a new life that supports us in every way. This is exactly what Spiritwyndspeaks has done.

  • Actually feeling that you can control the things you can.
  • Learning to decipher what you can and cannot control.
  • Experiencing the true feeling of happiness when you let go what you cannot control.
  • Loving yourself without illogical expectations.
  • You actually being the one to take charge of feelings such as, panic, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, fear, anger...and substituting behavior modification methods to help you.
  • Goal planning in all areas of your life. If we ignore one or two areas we cannot reach a balance within ourself.

These are only a few highlights to a new you. If you are tired of feeling; depressed, anxious, lonely, poverty stricken, never having enough of something in your life, people using you and so forth, perhaps it is time to say 'Stop'! 'I want off this merry-go-round'. IF YOU ARE SO THIRSTY FOR A NEW LIFE, THEN PLEASE CONTINUE TO READ WHAT SPIRITWYNDSPEAKS CAN OFFER YOU.

SpiritWyndSpeaks can offer you the know how to restructure your existence. She can hand over the tools for you to mold and shape your way to success. SpiritWyndSpeaks cannot give you the key to instant change.

Creating a new life is not an instant gratification. Most likely you are not even aware of who you are and what you wish to be. Change is a process that one must be willing to embark on. With this comes learning to be patient with life and yourself. Compassion works wonders during periods of growth. Pushing forward too hard is well known as self-sabatoge. If this is what you want, then SpiritWyndSpeaks is not your answer. She only helps those who are willing to help themselves and invest in their growth and time.