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Life Coach Services

By SpiritWyndSpeaks 


All Services rendered are completely confidential and a priority::

A.     Services will be performed at appointment date/times mutually agreed upon.

B.     6 week session at minimum. An hour per session.


  • Solution coaching on one area only. This can be offered through email and 2 phone sessions. The first session will be phone consultation with Spiritwynd calling you at a previously set time and date: This will last for 60 minutes. During this consultation you will discuss what area you want help with. From there a course plan will be drawn up and email to you for your signiture of agreement. The next 4 appointments will be through email, with you finishing the assignments given to you for the course. The last week you will spend hour to hour and half on a phone session. This 6weeks course will walk you through proactive measures in beginning to obtain your goal. If Spiritwyndspeaks feels your goal needs to be broken down into smaller ones, she will inform you at the beginning of the course.
  • Price: $240.00  Now: $200.00


  • Solution coaching on one area, with complete kit to aid you in creating change: This includes the above, plus email with a special prayer and written healing visualization. A color candle and crystal or stone will be sent to you that is programed to help you create change. How to use these tools will be explained in the first hour phone session.
  • Price: $300.00  Now: $250.00


  • Breaking through those crippling life patterns you have. This is a 6 week program that works with the following: A 45 minute consultation to reveal what these life patterns are and how they are holding you back in life. Hoponopono Hawaiian healing. There are forms to be filled out on your anscestor history and your own. This is to help with karmic patterns from past lifes. To release you from past life and present life attachments. Crystal healing with a healing tool package. You will receive a package of crystals and stones, plus a map of a grid, which will help you layout the stones. You will receive this after you have had your own private session with a group Spiritwyndspeaks channels. They will identify the root cause of your situation and where to begin. General advisement Past life exploration between you and another if karmic patterns appear to exist.
  • Price: $450.00 Now $420.00