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Life Coach Services




Hello my name is Renee Abbott. During one of my many journeys on my life path, I was given the name Spiritwyndspeaks by Spirit, after I returned home from a two week stay in Hawaii.

It is apparent that my life path evolves around helping others with personal life challenges. It has been said what we learn we turn around to teach others. My teaching comes in the form of healing those who seek to find a positive way in living their life. The avenues I use in helping others are found in the gifts, that the Cosmic Being bestowed on me. As a child born with 'sight,' I have always been able to see future patterns brought on by a person's past experiences, and sometimes past life. Since my early twenties, thirty some years ago, I have been an active reader and advisor. Though many found solace through my readings, I always felt as if there should be more I could do. I just was not sure what? In my early forties, I received a new guide, who took me through a detail course in learning to be a medium/channeler. This helped me to read more into the personality challenges, be it karmic or stubborn patterns, a person would have. A new door of expression opened that offer me more of a hands on psychological counseling. Still I wrestled with incompleteness in my work. I knew changing one's life is difficult, and running to reader to reader, would not be the answer. How could I help them discover their own treasure of answers within themselves? I yearn to do this, yet was not sure how.

Many have told me I have strong healing energy within me. This though was something that did not trigger an interest in me. Spirit though must have wanted me to open to practicing healing, because they sent me to Hawaii. That was six years ago, and with the pace of a snail it took me four years to really open up to healing. I have been certified as a reiki master twice, yet my heart remains with the H'oponopono Hawaiian healing and the crystal healing I learned through another group of guides named Crystal Fairies. Even with this, I did become certified as a crystal healer. Many are not aware at this time of the crystal fairies' teachings. My quest to help people CO-create their life became more and more prevalent. I began offering Life Coaching workshops and magickal goal playing times.

Where does this desire come from? I have no wish to change the world, or to free everyone of their troubles. I know how hard it is to pick yourself up when life deals you a bad hand. You can read and read books on how to make yourself happy. Most likely after a while this too fades away, leaving you in back where you started. The ups and downs eventually turn into apathy. Acceptance of your life is clouded with fear of trying to improve your life again. Being diagnosed bipolar [manic-depressive], I have experienced these things myself. Still confronted with bipolar issues, after my diagnoses at 31, I have also learn ways to use my gifts to help me. Needless to say, my talents might not be yours. The fact is you do have talents that you can lean on to help you make major changes in your life.