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Courses Being Offered

The following are courses being offered by

These courses consist of 4 classes, which meets 1hr a week.  They can be taken one on one or if you prefer with a friend(s).  The courses are each $50.00 payable in advance.
  • Beginner Psychic Development:
Class 1: Protecting one's self from inharmonious vibrations, thoughts or things. (There are a lot of things that can go wrong in working with your psychic. Even an advance person will use protection)
Class 2: Meditation using guided visualization. Here you will become aware of which psychic senses you have naturally.
Class 3: Meditation by being mindful. How to connect with the spirit realms easily through daily chores.
Class  4:  Meeting your spirit guide.
  • Intermediate Psychic Development
Class 1: Advance psychic protection: the more you learn the more challenges there will be. It is best to know how to protect oneself at different levels.
Class 2: Advance meditation with the use of a crystal. Please have a crystal for this class.
Class 3: Connect with your spirit guide through a pendulum.
Class 4: Focusing on your strongest psychic senses.
  • Advance psychic development.
Class 1: Communicating with other's spirit guides
Class 2: Tuning into yours and other's color vibrations.
Class 3 Auras
Class 4: Chakras (this only touches on the basic)
  • Feng Shui Course
Class 1: The purpose of decluttering
Class 2:  Study the bagua(map)
Class 3:  Working with the bagua(map) to aid you with a goal
Class 4:  Setting up altars in the bagua to bring what you want.
  • Candle Magic course
Class 1: Pro and cons of what you want to ask for.
Class 2:  Dressing the candle and carving a symbol on it.
Class 3:  Affirmation/spell and how to write it
Class 4 : Questions and answers, and then doing the ritual.
  • Channeling:
To take this course you will be tested by me to see if you qualify. Channeling is a serious business and not one to tread lightly. I teach Beginners, Intermediate and Advance.
Healing Courses are 6 week courses. Beginner's course is a must before advanced course is taken. Cost is $80.00 per course.
  • Basic Healing Courses
Crystal Fairies healing method.
Basic Crystal healing  (different then Crystal Fairies method).
Color healing therapy.
  • Advance Healing Courses
The Above healing courses come in advance for those who want to become certifiable.  Certificates will be sent to you on completion of advance training for above courses. This will conclude your 12 weeks course. A test will be given out the last week to see if you are eligible to be certified.