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Entering The World Of The Crystal Fairies

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Crystal Fairies Book Cover

  A synopsis of the fairy crystal workbook is as follows:

Entering the World Of the Crystal Fairies
Channeled by the Crystal Fairies through Renee Abbott

The Crystal Fairies are a living entity. Their heritage links back with the ancients, prior to the Earth. They are not connected to Atlantis or Lemuria. The Crystal Fairies task, which was given to them by the Universal Source, is to help the Universe Heal. The workbook is a primer to help us learn to heal within. Unitil we can do this, the concept of healing the Universe is mitigated. Within each crystal exists a crystal fairy. They have begun teaching us with the clear quartz and color quartz in this primer, to use in self-healing. There are meditations within the worbook to help you learn how to elevate your energies as you work with these healing techniques.

I have been channeling these delightful beings for 9 years and know what thy have to offer will be embraced by many to come.

Entering The World Of The Crystal Fairies is now available. This is a workbook to aid you in self healing.

For information regarding the book and how to obtain your own copy, Please e-mail me here:

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