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Argent Moon's Spirit Realm

It is the realm of the spirit. It is where those that have not yet moved on to what comes after this life is done, dwell until they decide or are helped to continue their journey.
It is the the realm that lies just beyond what most can believe in. It is the realm that lies just beyond what can be seen and felt...unless....
you are lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on your point of view), to get a glimpse of that realm.
What for us started as a simple school project, meaning only to get a few snapshots of supposedly haunted places, has become its own realm of fascination. Those first pictures were shocking at first, but now we look forward to going out and finding something like them again. And again. And again....
Take a look, tell us what you think. We don't claim to be experts or to conduct scientific investigations. We just happen to get lucky enough sometimes to be given a glimpse beyond the veil into the Spirit Realm.
Please excuse the varied look of the picture pages. We are currently updating the graphics and colors on the site. All links still work.

Updated-5/17/03-Freiden's Church Cemetery and Miscellaneous Photos added.
Dana Auditorium House in Winston-Salem, NC Salem Cemetery The Jamestown Bridge An unnamed old cemetery Miscellaneous pictures Links Frieden's Church Cemetery