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I Love You...
By: _sailormoonlover

Wheeee!! Hello peoples!! This my third fan-fic that I have sent in, so I hope you like it. Anyway, I know that this is extremely short story, but does it matter, really? I mean, like, why does it need to be long? If it’s short, you don’t lose interest as soon, and I don’t have to write as much. –giggles- Don’t worry ‘bout it. It’s not lacking in quality, so you can have just as good of fanfic. I unfortunately cannot say that I own any of the characters. They are all owned by the peoples who made the anime and manga, who are to many to name. Anyway, they are great people for making this, and the only thing that I can claim is my plot, and wild imagination, (which I’m not sure whether I need half the time, or not), so, don’t sue me. I made none of these people, and I never will. Anyway, that I the disclaimer, so we can get on with the story! See you next time!
I Love You…by _sailormoonlover
You would never know how they started out, unless, of course, you were one of the many people who frequented the ice cream shop. The starting of course, that I am thinking of, is of Serena Tsukino, and Darien Chiba. I am about to recount their dealings before they were the happy couple that we know today.

It was another quiet day at the ice cream parlor. Andrew was standing behind the counter, drying a glass, Darien was sitting at the counter with his usual cup of black coffee. Then,
a girl with brilliant, golden hair up in the most ridiculous hairstyle that made it look like meatballs and spaghetti, came in. Her name, of course, was Serena Tsukino. Now for anyone who knew Serena or Darien, or came into the ice cream shop quite frequently, they would know that both Serena and Darien were mortal enemies, but, for everyone’s benefit, I will recount this day’s encounter, for it changed much. Serena walked up to the counter, smiled at Andrew, and glared at Darien, saying with a scowl,
“You’re here. Rats.”
“I’m here everyday, meatball head, like always.” Darien answered back, amusement in his voice.
“Yeah, well, don’t you ever get sick or anything?”
“Never have been sick, hope never to be. You’ll just have to put up with me.”
“Yeah, well,…”
“Is that the phrase of the day for you, Meatball head?”
“No, it’s just what I’m saying. Anyways, why does it matter? Besides, I’m just ordering my drink, them I’m leaving.”
“That’s fine with me. Don’t need a meatball headed girl around me right now.”
Serena’s eyes became slightly bright at his harsh words. Darien winced, it was getting a
little harsh now; even for him. He hardly ever was this mean with her.
Serena turned back to Andrew and cleared her throat delicately.
“Andrew, I’ll have a large chocolate milkshake to go, please. I can’t stand obnoxious jerks like this one.” Serena jerked her thumb at Darien. Darien winced again, that was mean for her, too.
“OK, Serena. Here you go, I made it up before, because I knew what you liked.”
“Thanks, Andrew. Here’s the money.” Serena put her change on the counter, then
went out the door. Her shoulders were a little slumped compared to how they were when she came in.
“Weren’t you a little mean to her, Darien. You were harsher than usual.”
“What does it matter? She’s an annoying little brat.” Darien answered, slumped over his coffee. Only then did he hear a sad whimper behind him. Darien turned around, and saw that Serena was standing right behind him. Serena looked like she was almost ready to cry.
“I just forgot my bag. I…I have to go now. See you!” Serena voice broke when she was saying that she wanted her bag. Then she ran out of the arcade. Darien felt guilty for some reason. “Shouldn’t you go after her? She looked like she was ready to break down right there.” Andrew slightly pressured his friend.
“I think I might. She did seem a little more distressed at our argument today, didn’t she?”
“Like you couldn’t see that? Then, you are really blind, dude.”
“I know. That’s why I’m going. See you, Andrew.”
Go get her! Make sure that she is OK!” Andrew called after him. He shook his head and smiled slightly. Why did they not just admit their feelings for each other? It was so obvious! Andrew sighed and went back to his work.
Darien raced down the street, hoping that Serena was too distraught to walk off of a sidewalk without looking for cars. He did not think that he could stand his life without her in it. She was the light that kept him from plunging into a total world of darkness. If….NO he could not think that. He did not want to think about it. He could not, or else he would plunge into that darkness before anything did happen.
He reached the park that was across from Serena’s house, but he did not see Serena wasn’t anywhere around. He decided to go into the park, because he saw her there quite often, sitting on a bench by herself, or over by a fountain, or over by the river at the other end of the park. He thought about how he came to know this. He was a little embarrassed at the thought. He had followed her a few days over a few months, and found her favorite places to be. He had also found that she seemed to have a hiding place where she went when she was distressed or when she seemed just to want to go away from everyone, and everything. She seemed to have done this a lot when he aggravated her. He decided that this was the place that he would try first. He wandered around the park until he was certain that he had found the spot where she was hiding. It was in-between a couple of trees, and was shaded with a few branches. Behind a thick bush at the back, there was a cave. It was so dense that you would never have guessed that it was even there. He crawled into the hedge, and went into the cave, seeing that Serena must be farther back. He could here her in the back, sobbing.
“Serena? Are you there? It’s me, Darien. I just want to say that I am very sorry about what I said today.”
“Darien? How did you find me?”
“I saw you before here. I…I followed you a few times to see where you were going and things. I hope you aren’t more mad with me…” Darien hesitated.
“Why did you follow me today, though?” Serena had come into the light a little, and Darien was sad to see that her face was tear stained.
“I followed you to make sure that you were OK today. I was way to harsh earlier. I wanted to come and say that I was sorry, and that I didn’t mean anything by what I said. I…I…I was too harsh, and all I CAN say is that I am sorry.” Darien had a hard time finding the words.
“Why do you want to apologize to ME for?”
“Because it makes me way to sad seeing you crying.” He answered. He reached a hand out and wiped away the thin tearstains that were still on Serena’s face.
“What?” Serena was shocked. She had never seen Darien act this weird. Darien chuckled a bit.
“You don’t believe me, do you?” Serena shook her head. “I guess I wouldn’t either, the way I have treated you, but, you have to believe me. I don’t think I could live my life without you. It hurts me when you cry, and when I tease you, I never set out to hurt you when I tease you, but, for some reason, you always seem to take it the wrong way and are totally devastated. But, I want to apologize, and I just hope that you will accept it, because, Serena, I…I love you. I don’t know why I didn’t just admit it before, but I
didn’t. Instead, I teased you, and pushed you away. I’m sorry, please accept it. "Serena sat there for a few minutes, mulling over Darien’s words.
“If you love me…which I can’t believe, you have to be crazy, why did you always tease me?”
“Why do I have to be crazy to love you?”
“Because I’m a stupid, lazy, I have a whiny voice, complain to much, my hair is stupid, and I’m a little brat. You have said all of this yourself.” Darien sighed and moved over to her to wrap his arm around her shoulders. Serena did not stop him.
“You aren’t. Trust me, Serena. You have to believe that I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any of that. Your voice is beautiful, you do complain a bit, but usually about me, so I can’t blame you. You aren’t lazy, or stupid. You just need to put your mind to stuff. You aren’t a little brat, either. And your hair is beautiful. It shines whenever the sun hits it, and when I have accidentally been able to touch it, is so soft, that I wouldn’t believe that it was even hair if it wasn’t on your head.”
“You’re sure, Darien. I mean, aren’t I too young for you?”
“I’m sure we can work around that.”
“What are you going to do with my dad? He will be chasing you down the street with a pitchfork and rifle. My mom I don’t think I have to worry about. She’s a romantic at heart.” Serena giggled, cuddling slightly into Darien. “I do accept your apology, and I hope that you know I’m sorry, too. And I truly am, Darien.”
“I know, Serena. Don’t worry about your parents. We’ll work something out sooner or later.” Darien looked down at Serena. Then he took her face in his hand, stroking her cheek slightly, and asked, “May I kiss you?” Serena kind of nodded her head, her eyes closed slightly, and Darien leaned in. They kissed for their first time. Darien only held the first one a little bit, then he kissed her again, holding it longer, and they knew nothing until they finished. They were in love from then on.
Meanwhile, back at the ice cream shop…
“Hey, Andrew! What’s up today?” Mina asked as she came in to meet Lita, Rei, and Ami. “Um…Another blow up with Serena and Darien, resulting in Serena running out, and Darien going after her.”
“That’s different that Darien would go after her. Usually he doesn’t seem to care. Maybe they finally realize what we all know?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t seen either of them since.”
“I just hope they haven’t torn each other into shreds or anything.”
“I don’t think so, look out there.” Andrew pointed out the front window. Serena and Darien were walking arm in arm, looking like they were totally at ease with each other. And that’s how it was. A happy ever after story. –sighs- Of, course, there is more to the story, but this will do for now…
So, did you like it? Neomail me if you did! I told you it wasn’t very long, but it’s all you need to say, isn’t it? -sighs- Anyway, until next time, this is _sailormoonlover saying goodbye!

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