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And Links...(in no particular order, mind you.)

  •  My Bloggings
    My xanga. Rantings and thoughts stuffed into a page. Extraordinary. Delicious. SpunSilver.

  • A really nice site about the manga, Yami Wa Tsudou, and the characters: the Sentinel & Charon and original characters: Nemesis & Thanatos. The stories are outstanding and horrendously well-written. A sister site, literally.

  • My lil brother's site. It's not completely finished yet, but it still looks pretty spiffy. Go take a look. Now I have a sister and a brother site!

  • A flash website with characters:Homestar, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and etc. Hilarious and interesting to watch if you're bored. I recommend the Strong Bad E-mails.

  • Strings of Fate-A nicely done webcomic with rivaling gods from the Chinese horoscope. Great plot, awesome art, and it's ^_~

  • Megatokyo-Another really cool webcomic. Witty, funny, and worth reading. L337 stuff.

  • Also listed in my Scribbles & Pix Section which I understand many of you neglect to look through..*ahem*

  • My friend's site. Go check out her gallery. ^_^ or Join her staff of angelic friends!

  • Gilded Lily Graphics-This is where I got the nice, cool, awesome..and other-positive-adjectives web graphics/backgrounds/stuff-in-general from. I got them all from the "linkware" section. ^_^

  • Engrish Subtitled LOTR
    Oh man...this is the funniest thing I've seen all's like lord of the rings dubbed in chinese w/ english subtitles. But the english is all wrong for example, "My name is Aragon, son of Alfred." LMAO...

  • AnjelMint
    Another friend's site. Cool Christian songs and pictures. ^__^

    Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
    An Online RPG. I just joined. You guys should join too! My username is Zaiya so say that I referred you and I get gold..hehe...

    Wow, this person has the most awesome variety of art pieces ever. I love her colored pieces whether on cg or by hand. They are awesome. And there's nice music in the background to boot. I've never talked to her or met her or seen her, but her art is awe-inspiring. A must see. So go now.