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London, UK

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Hey everyone! Since this is the start of my trip, my webpage is in very, very make-shift form. I promise that as I travel and take more pictures there will be more structure. But for now bear with me. Below are the first few snapshots of London, following the email you probably all got. I hope you like them!

Kensington Neighborhood Local Cars

The Kensington neighborhood. The flats, though not all of them white, look a lot like this. And the cars....expensive cars are EVERYWHERE! Yes, that red car is a ferrari.

Occupation of Egypt Prince Albert Monument Occupation of India

Pictures of the Prince Albert monument, not a block from the flat. Albert was Queen Victoria's husband, a rare happy marriage, during the height of the Empire. When he died, Victoria had all the fences in town painted black.

Prince Albert Hall Swans in Hyde Park

Extra photos. The left is Prince Albert Hall, a music and fine arts forum. The right are swans that live in Hyde Park's pond.

As for my brother.....
My brother!          Dan and a British paper

This is Dan. He is the director of a school teaching kids how to learn and read. Is he as cute as you thought he was, ladies? *wink*